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07.2020 Welfare

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei and Tainan add mango in dishes

Far Eastern Group Hotel, Tainan, Shangri La / Wang chuanci
        The Far Eastern International Bank Hotel in Tainan, Shangri La, which is committed to the sustainable food plan of "natural and natural" and advocates "eating more environmentally friendly in the current season", will join its sister hotel, Far Eastern Group in Taipei, Shangri La, in the season of mango production, following Matou pomelo, guantian water chestnut, Xigang flax, Shanhua strawberry and Guanmiao pineapple On June 15, the hotel held a press conference. Mayor Huang weizhe of Tainan City specially attended the event and affirmed that the hotel promoted local agricultural products. Mayor Huang also acted as the best salesman at the press conference to vigorously promote mango creative food. "Yujing mango. Creative dishes" includes Chinese and Western cuisine and desserts. From June 19 to July 10, it will be sold in the "zuiyue building", "Far Eastern Group caf É" and "pinxiangfang" of the Far Eastern Group Hotel in Tainan, Shangri La. Meanwhile, mango dessert control can also be launched at the "the cake" on the first floor of Far Eastern Group Hotel in Taipei, Shangri La before July 31 Room "taste all kinds of delicious mango desserts in Yujing, Tainan! With the high standard of epidemic prevention and health safety measures, the hotel makes the guests come to enjoy the delicious food! For details, please contact: Tainan (06) 702-8856, Taipei (02) 7711-2080.

Far eastern group hotels in Tainan and Taipei, Shangri La, are committed to the "sustainable food project". They support local agricultural production with practical actions. Through the creative thinking of chefs, they promote the concept of "food is more environmentally friendly in the current season". They avoid the off-season food materials and long-distance transportation, which consume a lot of energy. They contribute to environmental carbon reduction and take care of local farmers. Yujing mango is juicy, fragrant and rich in vitamins A and C. It is a good choice in summer. President Zhou Lihua of the hotel, executive chef Huang Yinren of Malaysia, and frank Braun, executive chef of German desserts of Far Eastern Group Hotel in Taipei, Shangri La, led the team to Yujing mango garden. Fresh Avon mangoes were put into the dishes from the place of origin to the dining table. They revived tourism with delicious food, purchased a lot of local agricultural products, and revitalized the local economy.

From June 19 to July 10, the daily lunch and dinner will be served in the "Far Eastern Group caf É" cafeteria. Fresh shrimp, mango and cucumber salad, Thai three flavor fish, fresh vegetable mango beef and mango curry chicken will be served in turn, starting from RMB 850 to RMB 990 per person (all the above prices are subject to a 10% service charge); "zuiyue Lou" Chinese restaurant has mango pickled pork with pickles, Aiwen diced beef with pepper, colorful mango chrysanthemum fish, etc., which can be selected from RMB 150 to RMB 680 per course; and "pinxiangfang" has more irresistible mango desserts and bread, including mango jasmine, mango double cheese, mango carnival, mango purple rice longan white yuou Don't miss the French style bread, Earl tea mango European bread and Mango Cream bread. The Far Eastern Group Hotel in Taipei, Shangri La, has launched mango season desserts, such as mango chiffon cake, Mango Cheese Cake, Mango Cream Cake, mango cake roll, etc., which can be tasted at the "cake room" on the first floor of the hotel from now on to July 31.

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