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07.2020 Group Briefing

FET, Delta Electronics, Inc. and Microsoft jointly build the first 5G intelligent factory in Taiwan

Far EasTone telecommunication / Zhang Weijun

        Far EasTone Telecommunication, Delta Electronics, Inc., and Microsoft of Taiwan announced on June 8 that they will jointly build the first 5G intelligent factory in Taiwan. With the expertise of "big data + AI + IOT" and5G continuous bandwidth of 80MHz, FET will introduce AGV unmanned carrier, AOI defect detection equipment, Microsoft cloud computing, Internet of things (IOT) and mixed reality technology into Delta Electronics’ Kuishan factory production line by combining Delta's innovative smart devices and Microsoft's cloud computing capabilities. The top three show cross-border synergy, and build a leading 5G production line in Taiwan.


        According to the estimate of MIC of Institute for Information Industry, the global 5G manufacturing market will grow to US $42 billion in 2026, of which the main application markets are equipment monitoring, AGV / AMR and digital separation. FET took the lead in launching the first "NB-IoT Internet of things (IOT) ecosystem" in Taiwan at the end of 2017, and has actively used "big data + AI + IOT" in recent years to provide enterprise solutions. At the beginning of this year, 5G spectrum bidding showed the determination of 5G development, and gained continuous bandwidth of 80MHz. It continues to deeply explore the fields of intelligent factory, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent transportation and intelligent home.


        Integrating leading advantages to create triple-win situation


        "FET has laid a solid foundation for Internet of things (IOT) applications since the 4G era," said FET President Chee Ching. At the moment when the whole Taiwan is looking forward to the launch of 5G, FET has already prepared for the 5G market, and will expand the application fields of various industries in the future with the technical characteristics of low latency and connection. This close cooperation with Delta, Microsoft and other global strategic partners is expected to create a new blue ocean for the telecom industry and drive the industry into a new era of 5G. "


        Zheng an, senior vice president of Delta and general manager of Information and communications infrastructure group said: “Delta has made active layout in the fields of intelligent city, including technologies, products and solutions. In the fields of 5G supply chain, smart buildings and smart factories, we have multi-faceted applications including Netcom equipment, power management, energy management, infrastructure, etc., this time, the cooperation with FET and Microsoft to build the first 5G intelligent demonstration field in Taiwan is the specific practice of Delta to deep ploughing 5G industry. "


        Sun Jikang, President of Microsoft in Taiwan, said: "5G enables and combines with the edge of intelligence, ubiquitous computing has officially arrived. 5G will bring great changes to the market. It will gradually change the operation mode and structure of various industries by creating the interconnection of all things, promoting industrial reform and innovation, and accelerating the digital transformation of industries. Intelligent manufacturing, intelligent retail, intelligent city and other intelligent applications will develop quickly. In the face of the revolutionary industrial innovation that 5G will bring, Taiwan Microsoft will continue to use the global partnership ecosystem resources and the top scientific and technological strength to help industrial partners seize the market opportunities. "


        Three powerful companies join hands to introduce three applications


        The 5G intelligent demonstration field built in the exhibition room of Delta R & D center in Taoyuan will use the AGV unmanned carrier to exchange data with the management platform through 5G signals to establish a smart logistics scheduling system in the production process, so that the logistics handling work will be stably carried out, the material handling times and labor costs will be greatly reduced, and immediate instructions can be given according to the monitoring information, so as to effectively improve the production capacity.


        Delta takes the lead in the intelligent production line to take the AOI flaw detection equipment developed jointly by three parties as the demonstration focus. Through 5G characteristics of high-speed and low latency, delta can instantly transmit a large amount of high-resolution image data generated in the process of production, carry out big data analysis, and quickly and remotely adjust the process, which helps to improve the detection accuracy, product yield and production capacity.


        5G MR remote plant management, maintenance and monitoring: last year, Microsoft signed a global strategic cooperation with FET and Delta to help FET build the three companies’ intelligent cloud services on Microsoft Azure; it also built Delta smart factory by deploying the cloud infrastructure of Delta plant and using AI to calibrate product line yield.


        This time, Taiwan Microsoft once again mobilized the resources of global partnership ecosystem, grafted leading brands of telecommunications and high-tech electronic manufacturing industry to build Taiwan's first 5G intelligent manufacturing factory. And it introduced Microsoft HoloLens and IoT Digital Twins into Delta's factory, connect multi - device output signal with 5G and establish 3D visualization modeling through the intelligent spatial technology to fully visualize the equipment information, practice the application of remote plant management, maintenance and monitoring, and speed up the process of intelligent manufacturing.


        Through FET 5G intelligent factory private network, the same network is set up in the production line. With the characteristic of low latency, data can be transmitted back without multiple nodes, which greatly reduces the transmission time. Through the information security level design of FET, the network can be effectively monitored and the most secure service for enterprises can be provided. In this cross-border cooperation, FET, with its own 5G enterprise network and Delta's innovative smart devices and Microsoft's cloud and AIoT technology, has built a 5G vertical field with the most innovative technology, marking a boundary between the old and the new era for intelligent manufacturing.


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