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07.2020 Group Briefing

The safety production of FEIS was affirmed by Hangzhou Bay Development Zone

Yuanfang industry (Shanghai) / Yuqi

        Lu Jihong, vice president of Hangzhou Bay Development Zone, led a team to visit FEIS on May 28 to understand the safety work status of the factory. He affirmed the safety production of the factory, He also stressed that the safety work should be improved by in-depth analysis of new problems in production safety, strict implementation of safety supervision and strengthening of law enforcement, and improvement of emergency response mechanism.


        Safety culture display


        Vice President Lu stressed that security is the premise of development, development is the guarantee of security, and security and development should be promoted simultaneously. If we blindly pursue speed and have a fluke about the potential safety hazard, haste makes waste. Finally, the development opportunity will be delayed because the safety work can’t achieve the standard level. Therefore, every project and every link of economic and social development should be based on safety without any omission. Only by correctly handling the relationship between safety and development, can the foundation of safe production be built and the overall level of safety production be improved.


        Recent safety focus


        At the research forum, vice president Lu said that the safety focus in the near future will focus on the following points:


        Seriously study and solve the new situation and new problems in the implementation of safety production responsibility. Strengthen the fine and scientific management, grasp the major typical cases to deeply analyze the problems, find out the countermeasures and solve the problems effectively.


        Strictly implement the safety supervision of the personnel. Strengthen the training of professional personnel to meet the development needs of safety work as soon as possible.


        Strengthen and improve safety supervision and law enforcement. Keep a close eye on the operation area where major safety risks may occur and hold the bottom line of safety.


        Improve the emergency response mechanism. Carefully sum up the experience and lessons, improve the working system, strengthen coordination and cooperation, and take solid steps in the emergency response of various disasters and accidents.


        Discussion of safety of the site


        One person is responsible for the safety of one place, and the others check, which will make it very solid. In fact, there may be human factors behind every safety accident. No matter in the production process or living space, as long as everyone has safety awareness and takes due responsibility, safety production has a solid and reliable foundation.


        Safety production requires persistence, and it can’t tolerate a bit of relaxation. Lai Siyuan, General Plant Manager (senior executive vice president) of Xinghuo factory of FEIS said that in the face of the responsibility requirements of safety production, we should not be careless at any time. Firmly establish the concept of safety development, always put life safety as the priority, shoulder the responsibility, and set up a "firewall" for safety production can help protect FEIS forever! 

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