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09.2020 Group Briefing

Ya Tung department store held a bamboo shoot exhibition "eating bamboo shoots in summer"

Ya Tung department store / Yang Yiling
        In order to support high-quality bamboo shoots in Mucha, Taipei Ya Tung department store and National Farmers' Association. R.O.C On July 31, the bamboo shoot exhibition of "eating bamboo shoots in cool summer 2020" was held. Mr. Zhou Liangfu, the champion of Taipei bamboo shoot quality evaluation competition in 109, was invited to bring the sweetest and juicy green bamboo shoots of that season for everyone to taste. There were more interesting competitions and prizes in the activity, so that people could take the high-quality bamboo shoots home.

                Due to the good soil fertility and drainage, the green bamboo shoots produced in Mucha area are sweet, crisp and refreshing, the flesh is thick and bright, and the shell is smooth and golden. Therefore, it is also known as "Niujiao bamboo shoot" and "golden bamboo shoot", which is widely loved by the public. At the fair, Mr. Zhou planted high-quality and safe bamboo shoots with over 40 years of experience, and directly let the people taste the freshest and sweet cold bamboo salad in the activity, and eat sweet and healthy in the hot summer.


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