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10.2020 Group Briefing

Cute kids became little firemen

Far Eastern Union Chemical Corporation (Yangzhou) / Song Ying, Guo Yanshan

        Under the current situation of "forestalling inbound and intra-city transmissions and ongoing prevention and control", after the feasibility evaluation and approval of relevant units, t Far Eastern Group Yangzhou United Trade Union and the Ministry of Security and Environment Protection cooperated to hold the activity "Cute kids became little firemen" on August 26.


        At the kick-off meeting, the manager of Ministry of Security and Environment Protection was specially invited to introduce the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control and daily precautions. In the activity, the daily safety knowledge is integrated into images, videos and interactive Q & A, so that the cute children can play and learn at the same time. In addition to improving the children's self-protection skills, this can also show the importance to safety, environmental protection attached by companies in Yangzhou of Far Eastern Group and care for employees.


        In addition to static learning, fire-fighting equipment was also prepared for the children to "show their skills" in the Far Eastern fire station. Through the operation of fire axe, fire clothing, fire-fighting truck cab, etc. they can consolidate the concept of fire protection in combination with what they have learned.


        The activity "Cute kids became little firemen" that has been held for the third year give the family members of the staff a chance to go into the enterprise, feel the achievements of chemical workers and the efforts of the enterprise in safety and environmental protection through close contact and experience, so as to further enhance the sense of belonging of employees, and strengthen the safety and environmental protection concept of "safety and environmental protection should be taught from childhood". Wei


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