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12.2020 Group Briefing

"FENC Classic Marathon" invites you to start a new life together

Far eastern New Century Corporation /
        Entering the 12th year, the "2020 Far Eastern New Century Corporation Classic Marathon" was launched on October 24 at the new Pu chemical fiber factory of Far Eastern New Century Corporation. Although the whole marathon group was cancelled in order to comply with the epidemic prevention policy this year, the public's willingness to sign up has not decreased. In addition to the marathon event, the organizers also joined hands with the Xinpu Huashan foundation to hold public fund-raising and local special markets to help take care of the elderly living alone in the town and promote local cuisine.

        "2020 Far Eastern New Century Corporation Classic Marathon" is known as the most localized marathon in Taiwan. It is different from the 5K / 9K / 21k / 42K category launched in previous years. After careful evaluation, this year, it was decided to cooperate with epidemic prevention and cancel the 42K full marathon group, hoping to minimize the risk of cluster infection. In addition, in order to let runners enjoy their sweat and keep their clothes fresh and comfortable, this year's marathon sportswear is made of environment-friendly botte bottle recycling materials combined with two special functional fibers. The main body of the clothing is woven from "clean and environment-friendly fiber" which can eliminate the odor of sweat, and the armpit part is equipped with the most powerful "antibacterial and environmental protection fiber" As the key antibacterial protection, we can not only run healthily, but also run comfortably, and make a contribution to environmental protection and earth ecology.

        At the same time of the marathon, there are also group competitions held by far eastern group affiliated enterprises from all over Taiwan. In addition to the lively tug of war and basketball friendly competition in the past years, interesting competitions are added this year. With diversified competitions, we can "start a new life of epidemic prevention" together in joy!


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