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12.2021 Group Briefing

Far Eastern International Bank opens Singapore Office

Far Eastern International Bank / Peng Guanying
        The office of Far Eastern International Bank in Singapore officially opened on October 15 and is the bank's fourth overseas base. Due to the unabated threat of covid-19 and the restart of community epidemic prevention measures in Singapore, no physical opening ceremony was held.

        The Singapore Office of Far Eastern International Bank is located in xinzhidi building, Raffles Place in the city center (Raffles Place), which belongs to the central business district and the financial district, many international famous financial institutions are all putting the flag here. Far Eastern International Bank Thomas Chou President said that the cross-border syndicated loan business was slowed down by the impact of COVID-19, which slowed down the original fast-growing kinetic energy and became cautious in the past two years. The strategic axis of transferring business opportunities in global supply chain remains unchanged. With the Singapore government's announcement to move towards a more resilient goal of coexisting with covid-19 virus, Zhou president believes that after the gradual unsealing of economic activities and cross-border mobility, ASEAN is expected to accelerate to become an important town for Taiwan businessmen's investment layout, and Far Eastern International Bank is committed to becoming the best financial partner of enterprises.

        Turning to future operations, Zhou president said that the political and economic situation and the impact of the epidemic are still not stable. He will continue to give full play to the flexibility and agility of medium-sized banks, stabilize the ASEAN regional market with Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City offices in Vietnam, connect Hong Kong branch and subsidiary Shanghai Yuanrong leasing, and combine professional elite teams to build a more solid cross-border financial platform, We are ready to promote the development of cross-border financing and international syndicated loan business. In addition to anchoring overseas market business, we also master the return of Taiwanese customers, provide structured value-added financing financial solutions, and expand the revenue contribution of niche commodities.


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