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12.2021 Group Briefing

Shanghai Yuanhua logistics holds annual job competition

Shanghai Yuanhua logistics / Yan Binjie
        Shanghai Yuanhua logistics held an annual job competition on June 29, which is divided into two major items: knowledge and skills according to employees' usual work items. The knowledge competition includes two parts: required answers and rush answers. The question bank covers various safety rules and regulations and operating procedures of the company, relevant operation safety requirements and processes of the client, defensive driving requirements and traffic safety laws and regulations. It is very professional. All the contestants strive to pass the test, and the on-site atmosphere is very warm.

        The following skill competition completed one forward and one reverse warehousing according to the safe operation process of Yuanhua (the width of the warehouse is 3.8m and the turning radius is 12m). Each team elected a representative to participate in the competition, and the cheers of colleagues resounded through the scene.

        Through this competition, the cohesion of the company's team is strengthened and a good atmosphere of internal competition is created. The contestants participating in the competition are elites who have fought in the front line for many years. Through the competition, they give full play to the experience and skills accumulated for many years and become an example for colleagues to learn from.


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