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05.2022 Group Briefing

The Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel responded to the "Earth Hour" by turning off the lights for one hour

Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel, Tainan, Taipei / Wang Jingpeng, bu Yiyun
        The "Earth Hour" activity launched by the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) calls on well-known landmarks and enterprises to turn off the lights for an hour to call on all sectors to face up to the problem of climate change. Tainan and Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel in Taipei to support this activity, from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on March 26, the South and North simultaneously turned off the exterior wall lights of the building, dimmed the necessary lighting in the public area or replaced it with electric candles, and invited diners and lodgers to respond.

        On the day of the event, the Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel in Tainan launched the "environmentally friendly catering action". In addition to guests holding environmentally friendly cups to the pinxiangfang on the first floor of the hotel to buy a full range of hand-made coffee or tea and enjoy free upgrade of large cups, they also went to the "Zuoyue building" Chinese restaurant, the "Far Eastern Group caf É" cafeteria or the Mezz steak and Lobster Restaurant during dinner to bring their own environmentally friendly tableware for consumption, That is, you will be presented with a single facility experience coupon of "Margo mobile Park"; In addition, the Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel in Tainan has also launched the "sustainable environmental protection and love the earth" housing project. During the stay, it reduces the change and washing of cloth towels, does not provide consumable spare parts and room reorganization services, and double occupancy does not include breakfast, with a minimum of ntd2900 per room; In addition, guests who continue to stay apply for the next day's environmental protection plan and give ntd300 catering vouchers. Through this activity, they can understand the importance of environmental protection and ecological maintenance of the earth, take actions to love the earth, and make a contribution to environmental energy conservation and carbon reduction.

        The Marco Polo Italian lounge, located on the 38th floor of the Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel in Taipei, specially launched a limited special "ecological catastrophe". Based on Qin wine and various ingredients, it represents different elements on the earth, such as mint as grassland, apple as earth, patchouli as forest, xuanmi tea as mountain, and black bamboo charcoal powder on the top, which means that the original pure natural environment has been destroyed, It also reminds you of the importance of protecting the earth's ecology.

        In recent years, green life has swept the world. The "Earth Hour" public welfare activity is one of the environmental protection measures of Far Eastern Group Shangri La hotels in Taipei and Tainan. In addition to the long-term implementation of the "Green Plan", the hotel clearly reduces the waste of various measures and eliminates the behavior of damaging the environment, such as the use of energy-saving bulbs, the installation of water-saving equipment, the protection of water sources through sewage treatment equipment, the reuse of environmental protection cards in bed sheets, and encouraging continuous housing guests to participate in energy conservation and environmental protection, so as to popularize and improve the environmental protection awareness of employees and customers as much as possible and achieve environmental protection in all aspects.

        Remind you that drinking and driving are safe.

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