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05.2022 Group Briefing

Far eastern big city shopping malls held the 8th picnic Music Festival

Far eastern big city shopping malls / ye Zhelun
        Far eastern big city shopping malls held the 8th "new and retro picnic Music Festival" on March 26 and 27, bringing together the most famous dessert stores in Taiwan, including "Fang renye fresh milk sesame cake" for the first time, the crispy baked steamed bread "steamed bread WoXin" from Chiayi, the "Prince eating cake" in Tainan, the "old cup sugar cake", the super thick milk crisp "Xiaoli Fang Sheng toast" 13 topics of cultural and creative cuisine, including the popular "blue moon dessert" and "riyao sweet Tower Manufacturing Institute". Many popular songwriters and singers were also invited to sing many popular songs. In addition, there are traditional skills such as "dough kneading man" and "sugar painting", which have attracted thousands of people to participate.


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