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06.2022 Welfare

Far Eastern International Bank Bankee raised the basic annual interest rate of living deposits of social banks to 0.81%

Far Eastern International Bank / zhujialin
        The central bank's interest rate hike affected the tax-free threshold of large-scale fixed deposits, and then set off a wave of large-scale fixed deposits. Far Eastern International Bank Bankee social bank will take advantage of this opportunity to offer an unlimited upper limit discount of 0.81% of the basic annual living deposit interest rate from now to December 31, 2022, which is very suitable for people who need to park their funds.

        The Far Eastern International Bank Bankee digital deposit account has three advantages: first, the annual interest rate of basic live deposit is 0.81%, which is five times higher than the average large amount fixed deposit, and the use of funds is more flexible; Second, there is no upper limit of the quota, so there is no need to worry about the threshold of large amount fixed deposit, and how much to deposit and how much to receive; Third, interest is calculated daily and paid monthly to disperse the total amount of interest.

        As far Eastern International Bank Bankee is the first choice in the current market for large deposits with high interest rates, it has attracted many large investors to transfer tens of millions to hundreds of millions of yuan and successfully promoted public praise. In fact, according to the survey of 32 digital accounts in Taiwan by Internet thermometer, Far Eastern International Bank Bankee social bank ranked second in the Internet volume, scoring a full grade of five stars in the star rank.


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