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遠東集團   The Latest Issue:2022-03-21

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The Date of The First Issue :2001-06-01

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Simplification · focus on A. mart's breakthrough and re evolution

   Under the threat of the epidemic, consumer behavior has changed dramatically. On the one hand, A. Mart has rapidly adjusted the display mode of shopping malls, on the other hand, it has also actively introduced digital technology to create a refreshing shopping experience.

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Weekly News

U-Ming marine transport signs a perpetual linked loan with ausheng bank

  In order to continuously expand the fleet, U-Ming marine transport Singapore, a subsidiary of U-Ming marine transport, signed a "perpetual linked loan" of US $50 million with ausheng bank on March 16. The 11 ships expected to be delivered by U-Ming marine transport this year will use energy-saving engines to optimize fuel efficiency, so as to meet the requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for carbon reduction. For this perpetual linked loan, U-Ming marine transport entrusts the external verification unit DNV to conduct a review to ensure that the goal of this loan is in line with the principles of perpetual linked loan and the business strategy of U-Ming marine transport.

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Greening mining area Jiangxi Yadong cement holds tree planting activities

  On March 11, Jiangxi Yadong cement called on 80 colleagues to hold the activity of "planting trees and greening to build a home" in the mining area. On the same day, a group of two people planted 1200 saplings in the mined mining area to add bricks and tiles to the construction of a green mine. In addition to enhancing employees' awareness of environmental protection, Jiangxi Yadong cement also adheres to the concept of "mining, treatment and restoration at the same time" and continues to carry out the "greening mine action". At present, it has invested more than 90 million yuan and planted an area of more than 1500 mu. Among them, three limestone mining areas have been selected into the "national green mine list", and two batching mines are also actively applying for green mines. In the future, they will continue to show the sustainable spirit of far east group with practical actions.

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Weekly Event

Far Eastern Department Stores beautiful shopping day mother's day go shopping

  Far east department store held the "fanyangxinqing beauty Shopping Festival" from March 18 to April 13. In addition to many exclusive offers, popular products, limited combinations and multiple good gifts, nearly 100 online live beauty shopping events were launched this year to encourage people to work hard at home, prevent disease and feel at ease. Please contact Far East department store for details of the event.

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Utaggo assists in green driving and draws 10000 yuan of "carbon reduction car currency" every week

  From now on to May 27, utaggo will hold the "carbon reduction task" activity. Passers-by can draw 10000 yuan of "carbon reduction car money" every week as long as they apply for "etc app push (including electronic bill)", new or old users use one of the services of "Etag smart parking" and "utaggo easy payment" to scan the code and pay the parking fee, and log in the information on the activity website. Moreover, if the cumulative carbon reduction during the activity period reaches 666 metric tons, the gogoro electric locomotive will be added.

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editor's pick

"Gourmet Column ":Variety glutinous rice dim sum

   This issue introduces four kinds of snacks with the theme of "round glutinous rice" - "niuwenshui", "Tangyuan", "Hakka salted Tangyuan" and "Ma Dan". As long as you learn the basics, you can give full play to your creative ideas and add your favorite fillings to meet the taste buds of the whole family.

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"Experience Sharing": Check the indoor air quality so that the virus has no place to hide
"Special Report":Integrating local culture far Eastern Department Stores bamboo North innovation and sustainable fashion
Editor's Word

"Far Eastern talk" Soliciting contribution of MAY topic:  mother's Day proposal

  The annual mother's Day is coming. What do you want to say to your mother? Have you planned how to comfort your dear mommy? Welcome to write and share your mother's proposal. If the article is less than 300 words long, the Far East monthly will provide you with a "filial piety fund"! (deadline: before April 15)


Winners List of No.379 Edition

Congratulations to the following winners who received Far Eastern Group 4 in 1 gift certificate for 300 yuan each!

遠 通電收 蘇○君/亞東工業(蘇州) 張○航/遠傳電信 張○茹/遠東都會 陳○瑞/遠鑫電子票證 楊○萍/亞泥花蓮廠 梁○凱/亞東百貨 舒○樂/亞東科 技大學 洪○佐/遠東新世紀 朱○禎/遠東商銀 張○鳳/遠東新新埔廠 許○芝/遠東新觀音廠 李○琳/鼎鼎企管 高○鳳/遠東SOGO巨城店 劉○奇/ 遠智證券 蔡○育

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