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2024.05 第405期
In this Issue2024.05 第405期

Under the wave of sustainability, the test is not only the ability of enterprises to overcome external challenges such as regulations, costs, and green consumption awareness, but also the speed of innovation and transformation. This cover story introduces the polyester materials and cement building materials industries under the group, how to develop more environmentally friendly processes and products with innovation and craftsmanship, and strive to complete system transformation to find new solutions for low-carbon and efficient production.

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Leader's RemarksPrincipal Liao Qingrong delivered a speech on the 35th anniversary celebration of Yuan Ze University

In 1989, Mr. Yu Xiang Hsu, founder of Far Eastern Group, founded Yuan Ze University. Over the years, the higher education environment in Taiwan has undergone significant changes. Fortunately, with the support of Chairman and the board of directors, the careful teaching and research of all faculty members, and the good reputation established by alumni, Yuan Ze University can still stand firm.

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Cover StoryInnovation X, Craftsmanship, Low Carbon Production, New Solutions

In recent years, the production conditions in the cement industry have been severe, and only by accelerating low-carbon transformation can we have the opportunity to break through the encirclement. In this issue of "Cover Story", we will introduce how the group's cement industry on both sides of the Taiwan Strait can leverage the spirit of craftsmanship, complete system transformation, and move towards green and efficient development.

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Cover StoryCarbon reduction support and green supply chain empowerment

Green consumption has become mainstream in recent years, and manufacturing giants are actively developing more environmentally friendly processes and products. This cover story takes you to the production site to learn how Far Eastern New Century Corporation and Oriental Industries (Suzhou) achieve their goals of efficiency and low-carbon through innovative technology.

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Sincerity, Diligence, Thrift, Prudence, InnovationAlways taken trustworthiness as the guiding principle of his business management. Beyond the groupfounder's commitment to constancy, honesty, and openness, he has enshrined Sincerity, Diligence, Thrift, Prudence, and Innovation as Far Eastern's founding philosophy.

To stand still in the torrent of knowledge economy, we must pay attention to the acquisition, accumulation and application of knowledge, and catch the train of information technology. "Far East Magazine" has a new look.