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05.2022 Group Briefing

U-Ming marine transport signs a perpetual linked loan with ausheng bank

U-Ming marine transport / update
        In order to continuously expand the fleet, U-Ming marine transport (Singapore) private corporation, a subsidiary of U-Ming marine transport, signed a "sustainability linked loan" of US $50 million with ANZ on March 16. The 11 ships expected to be delivered by U-Ming marine transport this year will use energy-saving engines to optimize fuel efficiency, so as to meet the requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for carbon reduction. For this perpetual linked loan, U-Ming marine transport entrusts the external verification unit DNV to conduct a review to ensure that the goal of this loan is in line with the principles of perpetual linked loan and the business strategy of U-Ming marine transport.

        Ausheng bank's "perpetual linked loan" business has long been a market leader in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. According to the data of Bloomberg and ausheng bank, ausheng bank participated in about 5% of the world's perpetual linked loan transactions in 2021, with a total transaction scale of a $119 billion.

        U-Ming marine transport is a leading manufacturer of bulk shipping in China. In the future, it will continue to expand green shipping business and intelligent ships, build a new generation of bulk fleet with energy-saving, efficient, intelligent and safe characteristics, and leave a better environment for the next generation.


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