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遠東集團   The Latest Issue:2020-09-28

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The Date of The First Issue :2001-06-01

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Intelligent technology leads the way and changes the future medical treatment

   The novel coronavirus pneumonia in the world has made digital transformation a compulsory course for all walks of life, and has accelerated the pace of intelligent medical development. This "cover story" will introduce how Far Eastern Memorial Hospital can use the power of technology to effectively allocate medical resources, enlarge clinical and operational efficiency to provide comprehensive medical care for the public.

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Dear readers,

  The Far Eastern Magazine e-newsletter on 10 / 05 will be suspended once due to Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. We apologize for any inconvenience. The e-newsletter will be sent again on 10 / 12. Thanks for your understanding and support. We wish you a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Far Eastern Magazine editorial team.

Weekly News

Far eastern group won six awards in SGS 2020 CSR Awards

  SGS, the international certification agency, held the SGS 2020 annual meeting on enterprise management sharing and CSR awards ceremony at the International Conference Center of NTU Hospital on September 23 to recognize the enterprises that have committed themselves to sustainable development and have outstanding performance. The Far East department store, Donglian chemical, Asia water mud and far east SOGO department store of far east group all won the "sustainable Elite Award of the year". Yuanchuan Telecom was awarded the "Climate Change Management Excellence Award" and the Far East New Century won the "talent development excellence award". General manager Zheng Chengyu shared the enterprise's efforts and performance in sustainable operation under the theme of "sustainable development for a better future".

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Four companies of Far Eastern Group won the five awards of area

  Far East Group Co., Ltd. has established new you, far east department store, SOGO Department store, far east big city shopping malls shopping mall and Asia cement. They have jointly won the "Asia responsible enterprise awards (AREA)" known as the "Nobel Prize for corporate social responsibility".

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Weekly Event

2020Far Eastern Department Store super anniversary

  Is triple bond still in hand? Unable to go abroad for large-scale procurement due to trapped epidemic situation? On September 24, 2020 Far East department store's super annual celebration was launched. The feedback was high enough, and the products were super attractive. So we rushed to buy them!

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Launch of 3.0 a.mart Taichung City water store

  Aimai's brand-new transformational work, Taichung Shuifu store, officially opened on September 23 under the chairmanship of chairman Xu Xudong. Before the end of September, it will launch TV, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, household appliances and other exciting products every day, as well as "full amount discount of household appliances" activities. There are also many opening concessions, waiting for you to experience!

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editor's pick

Have fun in picnic! Colorful sushi DIY

   Autumn gradually thick, you can invite friends to have a picnic together and enjoy the gentle autumn wind. This issue is specially for you to demonstrate the national food that must be learned in Hefeng cuisine. You are welcome to make sushi with your children!

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「Office Talk」:Supermarket staff stick to their posts during epidemic
「Office Talk」:Keep safety in mind to protect oneself from danger
Editor's Word

"Far Eastern talk" Soliciting contribution of NOV topic: My new life of epidemic prevention

  The novel coronavirus pneumonia poses serious challenges to the world, and has far-reaching implications for economic development and life style. With the normalization of epidemic prevention, how to adapt to the new situation and turn pressure into power has become the most urgent issue. Welcome to share your new life of epidemic prevention. If the article length is less than 300 words, Far East people monthly will provide you with a "new life fund"! (deadline: before October 15)


Winners List of No.361 Edition

Congratulations to the following winners who received Far Eastern Group 4 in 1 gift certificate for 300 yuan each!

元智大學 黃○璆/臺中大遠百 文○華/遠東都會 陳○瑞/ 元智 大學 洪○黛/江西亞東水泥 郭○高/亞東醫院 化○麗/遠傳電信 洪○鳳/遠誠人力顧問 杜○欣/遠東新世紀 劉○綢/遠傳電信 昌○璘/ 亞東證券 呂○田/遠東新世紀 蔡○茵/遠通電收 王○瑄/鼎鼎企管顧問 曾○葵/遠東新世紀 洪○雲。

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