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11.2020 Honor

FEG won six awards in "SGS 2020 CSR Awards"

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        SGS, an international certification agency, held the "SGS 2020 enterprise management sharing annual meeting and CSR awards ceremony" on September 23 at the International Conference Center of National Taiwan University Hospital to recognize the enterprises that have committed themselves to sustainability development and have excellent performance, such as far Eastern Department store, Oriental Union Chemical Corporation and Asia under far eastern group Both Cement Corporation and Pacific SOGO Department Store were awarded the "sustainable elite of the year award". As a communication industry, far EasTone telecommunications has been awarded the "Climate Change Management Excellence Award" by optimizing the network, enhancing the benefits of software and hardware, and combining cloud, big data analysis, aiot and other technologies and applications to help solve energy and environmental problems. Far eastern New Century Corporation won the "talent development excellence award". Humphrey Cheng president also shared the efforts and performance of the company in sustainable operation under the theme of "sustainable development for a better future".

        In recognition of the achievements made by high-quality enterprises in introducing the new version of ISO, SGS started to hold the "SGS CSR Award" last year. The evaluation method is based on the internal recommendation, domestic and foreign awards evaluation and reference to the top 35% evaluation results of corporate governance. The review committee selects the outstanding enterprises in the sustainable field and issues the "annual sustainable Elite Award". As for the more difficult "sustainable Excellence Award", after screening in the first stage and the second stage, a review committee composed of cross domain experts selected 10 enterprises with outstanding performance in five categories. Far eastern group won six awards in one fell swoop, which is regarded as a model in the industry.

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