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11.2020 Honor

Four companies of Far Eastern Group won the five awards of AREA.

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        Sponsored by enterprise Asia, Asia responsive Enterprise Awards (Asias) is known as the Nobel Prize in corporate social responsibility, Four companies of Far Eastern Group, including Far Eastern Department store, Pacific SOGO Department store, far eastern big city shopping malls and Asia Cement Corporation, won five awards in total.

        Among them, Far Eastern Department Store won the "green leadership award" for its "three green actions to create a low-carbon operation and environmental protection department store"; big city far eastern big city shopping malls also won the "human investment Award" for "happiness plan for improving work experience - big development x big health x big co honor"; Pacific SOGO Department also won the "human investment Award" The store also won the green leadership award and the human investment award with two projects of "new food utensil era 4.0, reducing plastic and waste, keeping health forever" and "protecting the health of employees and community, creating a happy workplace", and became the only department store winner with double happiness! Asia Cement Corporation won the "recycled economy Leadership Award" for "promoting recycled economy, reducing resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and creating new value for the cement industry". This is the only cement company in Taiwan that has won the area Award for three consecutive years since 2018.

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