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Far Eastern Group   The Latest Issue:2020-10-12
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The Date of The First Issue :2001-06-01

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Chairman Douglas Hsu’s Address at the Christening Ceremony for M.V. “Grand Pioneer”

   Though not being able to receive this new vessel in Qingdao due to the pandemic, leveraging on cloud technology, we held a virtual Christening ceremony to not only coincide with Qingdao Beihai Shipyard, but also allow guests to participate in both Taipei and Singapore to witness the ceremony via cloud video connection.  In particular, we appreciate the presence of Mrs. Chu Hsu Mei-Lan, the Sponsor for M.V. “Grand Pioneer”, making this Christening ceremony even more significant.

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Weekly News

Working with FEMH, YZU Institute of Medicine to recruit students next year

  Yuan Ze University has applied to establish a medical college in combination with Yadong hospital. Among them, the medical R & D center has been awarded the Ministry of education With the core concept of "innovative smart healthcare", we hope to cultivate interdisciplinary talents in the new generation of medical industry, help the development of smart medicine and improve the overall medical quality.

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Far eastern international bank introduces mobile phone number, bank account number and code for interbank transfer

  In order to solve the financial pain of people's life, Far East Commercial Bank has become the first bank of Finance and finance companies to launch inter-bank transfer service of mobile phone number. Users can transfer money to each other through mobile phone number without inputting account bank and code, so as to solve life financial breakpoints such as transfer / collection. In the first wave, a total of 8 financial institutions were launched and about 40 million accounts benefited.

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Weekly Event

85% discount for one family of far Easterner

  From now on to December 30, with the employee ID card of Far East Group, the employee can get 85% discount on exclusive preferential rate or official website when staying in Shangri La Taipei / Tainan Far East International Hotel. For details, please contact the hotel reservation team. Taipei: (02) 2376-3266, Tainan: (06) 702-8899.

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New taipei food landmark Mega 50 dining & Banquet

  In line with the launch of Taipei International Travel Expo 2020 from October 30 to November 2, "mega 50 catering and banquet" also includes hot items in the three halls, with the annual best price of 68! You are welcome to shop at the Far East Hotel (i901) on the 4th floor of the trade South Harbor exhibition hall in Taipei. You can also purchase it on the mega 50 website immediately www.mega50.com.tw Please contact (02) 7705-9723 for details.

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Oriental Securities Corporation cut financing interest rate to 4.5% from October 1

  In order to thank customers for their long-term support and care, as well as to meet investors' increasing investment needs and help customers reduce transaction costs, Yadong securities has reduced the securities financing interest rate to 4.5% per annum since October 1. Both old and new customers can use lower principal to own stocks of good companies and play a small and broad role in making your investment more flexible.

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editor's pick

Is it against the personal law to publish the train recorder picture?

   Sometimes traffic accidents happen right in front of your own eyes. Would you like to provide a driving recorder video to help clarify the truth of the accident, but are you worried about touching the law? This issue of "legal column" is specially for you to analyze what should be paid attention to when publishing the train recorder screen.

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「Story」:Practitioners of intangible cultural heritage.
「Story」:One yuan tour of Zhuozheng garden in Suzhou.
Editor's Word

"Far Eastern talk" Soliciting contribution of NOV topic: My new life of epidemic prevention

  The novel coronavirus pneumonia poses serious challenges to the world, and has far-reaching implications for economic development and life style. With the normalization of epidemic prevention, how to adapt to the new situation and turn pressure into power has become the most urgent issue. Welcome to share your new life of epidemic prevention. If the article length is less than 300 words, Far East people monthly will provide you with a "new life fund"! (deadline: before October 15)


Winners List of No.361 Edition

Congratulations to the following winners who received Far Eastern Group 4 in 1 gift certificate for 300 yuan each!

元智大學 黃○璆/臺中大遠百 文○華/遠東都會 陳○瑞/ 元智大學 洪○黛/江西亞東水泥 郭○高/亞東醫院 化○麗/遠傳電信 洪○鳳/遠誠人力顧問 杜○欣/遠東新世紀 劉○綢/遠傳電信 昌○璘/ 亞東證券 呂○田/遠東新世紀 蔡○茵/遠通電收 王○瑄/鼎鼎企管顧問 曾○葵/遠東新世紀 洪○雲。

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