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11.2020 Welfare

New Taipei food landmark "MEGA 50 Dining & Banquet"'s most favorable coupon has been for sale

Mega 50 catering and banquet / Yan Huiyuan
        Mega 50 dining & banquet, a food landmark of New Taipei, is located next to the Far Eastern Department Store in Banqiao with convenient transportation. Its three restaurants have their own characteristics: the highest caf é cafeteria (50F) in China, Asia 49 (49F) with a large outdoor garden of 200 square meters, and moon, a Cantonese restaurant known as new Taipei's first word of mouth Pavilion "(48F), enjoy the delicious food and beautiful scenery in the meantime. It's hard to find a weekend holiday! In line with the launch of Taipei International Travel Fair from October 30 to November 2, 2020, "mega 50 dining & Banquet" has also recruited hot items in three halls, with the best price of 68% in the whole year! You are welcome to shop at the Far Eastern Group Hotel (i901) on the 4th floor of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Taipei, or visit the mega 50 website immediately www.mega50.com.tw Please contact (02) 7705-9723 for details.

        The products of "mega 50 dining & Banquet" are as follows:

        Caf é, the highest cafeteria in China: caf é on the 50th floor is located on the top floor of Baiyang building, the first tallest building in New Taipei. It has a panoramic view of the double northern skyline There is also a dining area for parents and children in the hall, which is the best choice for the whole family or family and friends! The following is the details of the meal coupons launched by the travel show.

                "Weekday Monday to Friday buffet lunch / dinner" coupon, special price NT $700 (original price NT $989 / enjoy 71% discount).

        "Lunch buffet lunch from weekdays Monday to Friday" has a special price of NT $2490 (NT $3516 / 71 discount), including three meal coupons for one person and one coupon for free.

        "Weekday Monday to Friday buffet dinner or holiday buffet lunch / dinner" group, special price NT $2970 (original price NT $4396 / 68 discount), including three meal coupons for one person and one coupon for free.

        "Asia 49 Asian cuisine and lounge", the highest Garden Landscape Restaurant in Shuangbei: Asia 49 has a 360 degree panoramic view with fashionable and fashionable interior decoration. The outdoor sky garden of 200 square meters is even more beautiful. The hall is open all day long. It is famous for gathering Southeast Asian popular cuisine, and its consumption is also known for its affinity to the people! The sales items are as follows:

                "Weekday Monday to Friday afternoon tea set meal for two" meal coupon, special price NT $700 (original price NT $880 / enjoy 20%); afternoon tea includes tamarind onion beef, grape salted egg tower, Thai mango glutinous rice, black sugar ginger juice water cake, roasted sea salt fruit string, plus two cups of optional drinks, options are: black tea, green tea, coke or sprite.

        The five guest coupons of "weekday Monday to Friday lunch" have a special price of NT $1288 (NT $1535 / 84 discount), including two NT $199 coupons, two NT $299 coupons and one NT $399 package coupon.

        "Moon Pavilion", the first Cantonese restaurant in New Taipei's reputation: the dining table in the hall is set by the window, and the high-altitude scenery is fascinating; three independent boxes are the first choice for banquet parties. Su Quanhui, the chef of qingzhuang port, is the master of Michelin star class. He dominates New Taipei with innovative Cantonese cuisine and modeling port. His cooking skills are highly praised. The selected products are as follows:

                The new year's Eve pick-up coupon for six abalone Buddha jumping over the wall is NT $1999 (NT $2888 / 69% off the original price).

        The coupon (including tea) is NT $12000 (original price NT $16885 / enjoy 71% discount); the contents include Hongtu fried plate, Cantonese style old fire soup, red oil Curry Shrimp, baked scallop with cheese and mushroom, grilled pork rib with sauce, steamed sea bass with soy sauce, crispy fried chicken with garlic, stewed noodles with Boletus and seafood, taro sago, fresh fruit plate with seasonable season, and a bottle of red wine.

        The coupon (including tea) is NT $1320 (NT $1821 / 73% off); the contents include Cantonese style fried platter, crab meat and fish tripe soup, Boston lobster baked with ginger and scallion, lamb chop with vanilla and black pepper, abalone seafood stewed rice, Yang Zhi manna and seasonal fresh fruit.

        The special price is NT $1500 (NT $1848 / 81 discount).

        The special price is NT $8888 (original price NT $9999 / 89 discount); the contents include Hongyun auspicious fried plate, abalone Buddha jumping off the wall, golden pumpkin baked prawns, rich and noble prince roasted scallops, steamed dragon and tiger spot with scallion oil every year, flower carving chicken with soy sauce, family happiness eel glutinous rice and everything goes well with coconut milk rice cake.


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