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11.2020 Welfare

Oriental Securities Corporation will cut financing interest rate to 4.5% from October 1

Oriental Securities Corporation / Chen Ruiyi
        After the first half of the year, Taiwan stocks entered the post epidemic era in the third quarter, and their performance was still quite good. The market financing balance reached a high point in nearly two years mainly due to the capital market created by abundant capital momentum.

        In view of the fact that at present, the interest rates of securities companies are mostly between 5.5% and 6.5% In order to thank customers for their long-term support and care, and to meet investors' investment needs and help customers reduce transaction costs, from October 1, the interest rate of securities financing will be reduced to 4.5% per year. No matter old or new account, you can use lower principal to own good company's stock in the future, so as to make your investment more flexible.

        In addition, Oriental Securities Corporation also provides "unlimited funds lending" service. If there is a capital demand, there is no need to sell shares for cash in case of emergency. As long as you become a customer of Oriental Securities Corporation, you can change the stock in stock into cash, easily borrow and pay back at any time, and create more wealth for yourself.

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