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11.2020 Group Briefing

Working with FEMH, YZU Institute of Medicine to recruit students next year

Yuan Ze University /

  Yuan Ze University worked with Far Eastern Memorial Hospital (FEMH) to apply for the college of Medicine and Nursing, and the Institute of Medicine has been approved by the Ministry of Education to recruit students from the next year.  With the core concept of "Innovative Smart Healthcare", YZU hopes to cultivate cross-field talents of new generation in the medical industry to help the development of smart healthcare and improve national medical quality.

  President Jyh-Yang Wu said that YZU is well-known in the field of ICT, especially the rise of artificial intelligence. YZU has the big data center with the research and development of IoT that have excellent achievements and evaluations in both teaching and research. Far Eastern Memorial Hospital is a teaching medical center under the Far Eastern Group, which is even an important medical center in New Taipei City. Their medical resources, doctors and equipment are foremost in Taiwan.  YZU and FEMH cooperate to establish a medical and nursing college in the hope that it can cultivate talents of cross-field medical research, and enhance the medical development of the country. #

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