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遠東集團   The Latest Issue:2022-03-28

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The Date of The First Issue :2001-06-01

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Speech by Chairman Douglas Hsu at 33rd Anniversary of Yuan Ze University

   We are delighted to welcome the 33rd founding anniversary of Yuan Ze University. The targets are set for the School’s future under leadership of the new President. With swift technological advancements, hope you will all remain cautious, strengthen agility, and march forward expeditiously with an open mindset!

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Weekly News

Smart city launches "smart transportation application" of far EasTone telecommunications has attracted much attentio

  The annual science and technology event "2022 Smart City Exhibition" kicked off. Yuanchuan planned two situational areas of "low-carbon smart city" and "sustainable smart industry" with "Yuanchuan big data + AI + IOT 5g new height" as the main axis. More than 20 innovative application services were displayed in hall 2 of Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei (March 22-25) and South Hall of Kaohsiung exhibition hall (March 24-26), including 5g smart factory, 5g remote diagnosis and treatment service, smart building Smart retail Omo and smart transportation & hellip; And many other solutions have attracted great attention.

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Far Eastern International Bank won three awards of wealth management from Caixun

  The results of the 2022 "wealth management survey" organized by Caixun were announced on March 17. This year, Far East Commercial Bank was awarded three awards, namely "best service", "best wealth appreciation" and "best public welfare promotion". Lin Jianzhong, executive deputy general manager of Far East Commercial Bank, attended and received the award.

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Weekly Event

Asia 49 launches new menu

  Carnivorous Yang Nengpei deep fried dough sticks western style food and Bak Kut the new chef, Asia49 Asia cuisine and lounge, has reorganized dishes for Asia49 over the past 20 years. The new menu includes appetizers, seafood, meat, curry, soup, noodles, vegetables and dessert. There are eight categories and over 40 options, such as Singapore bone tea, self made twisted bread, Thai style shrimp cake, and baked sakamoshi pig's lemon chilli sauce … And so on, providing guests with a pleasant experience of drinking, dining and narration. For reservation, please contact: (02) 7705-9717.

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On children's day, Taipei Far Eastern Group Limited Shangri La to launch the "kiss baby vacation housing project" to pet parents and children

  In order to seize the business opportunities in the parent-child market, the Far East Shangri La Hotel in Taipei launched the fun Shangri La parent-child club again during the children's Day holiday from April 2 to 5. Each person can experience three hand-made courses for only 850 yuan, including colorful pink painting, key ring weaving, healing Zen painting & hellip; Wait, let the children learn while playing. In addition, the hotel also launched the "kiss and baby vacation" housing project, which can not only experience the "Shangri La parent-child club" for free, but also stay in comfortable, spacious and well arranged guest rooms or suites for the whole family to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. In addition, there is an exclusive and lovely gift for children to take home. Please contact 0916-237 for course reservation; Reservation line (02) 2376-3266; Online Reservation: https://lihi1.com/0EJjD

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editor's pick

"Travel Column ":Characteristic small town -- Benxin Nangang

   Duck soup, rat candy, powdered round ice, sister steamed dumplings, smelly sour noodles, Mazu belief... When it comes to these, which Township in Taiwan will you think of? Yes, it's the new port township of Chiayi County introduced to you this time.

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"Story" Lantern Festival in Shanghai
"Story":Search for snow
Editor's Word

"Far Eastern talk" Soliciting contribution of MAY topic:  mother's Day proposal

  The annual mother's Day is coming. What do you want to say to your mother? Have you planned how to comfort your dear mommy? Welcome to write and share your mother's proposal. If the article is less than 300 words long, the Far East monthly will provide you with a "filial piety fund"! (deadline: before April 15)


Winners List of No.379 Edition

Congratulations to the following winners who received Far Eastern Group 4 in 1 gift certificate for 300 yuan each!

遠 通電收 蘇○君/亞東工業(蘇州) 張○航/遠傳電信 張○茹/遠東都會 陳○瑞/遠鑫電子票證 楊○萍/亞泥花蓮廠 梁○凱/亞東百貨 舒○樂/亞東科 技大學 洪○佐/遠東新世紀 朱○禎/遠東商銀 張○鳳/遠東新新埔廠 許○芝/遠東新觀音廠 李○琳/鼎鼎企管 高○鳳/遠東SOGO巨城店 劉○奇/ 遠智證券 蔡○育

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