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05.2022 Honor and Personnel Change

Far Eastern International Bank won three awards of wealth management from Caixun

Far Eastern International Bank / Peng Guanying
        The results of the 2022 "wealth management survey" organized by Caixun were announced on March 17. Far Eastern International Bank was awarded the three awards of "best service", "best wealth appreciation" and "best public welfare promotion" this year. Lin Jianzhong, executive deputy president, attended and received the award.

        For the affirmation of Caixun, Vice President Lin Jianzhong said: "Far Eastern International Bank not only combines the diversified resources of Far Eastern Group, but also integrates science, technology and humanistic knowledge. It has established LOHAS space in 56 branches in Taiwan, so that banks can have more connections with local life. At the same time, Far Eastern International Bank also provides mobile e-Science and technology to the government service, extending the bank to the customer field through new digital trading platforms such as online and offline orders, line and app, so as to meet the full-time needs I. full scene transaction demand and best financial management experience. "

        Far Eastern International Bank has long participated in public welfare activities and has cooperated with Eden Social Welfare Foundation to issue love identity cards since 1997. As long as the cardholder uses the Far Eastern International Bank credit card for consumption, Far Eastern International Bank will donate 0.3% of the consumption amount to Eden Social Welfare Foundation to make love sustainable.

        In the future, Far Eastern International Bank will continue to launch characteristic branches that meet the needs of customers to create closer to life and warmer financial services.


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