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遠東集團   The Latest Issue:2022-04-11

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The Date of The First Issue :2001-06-01

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Speech by Chairman Douglas Hsu at 33rd Anniversary of Yuan Ze University

   We are delighted to welcome the 33rd founding anniversary of Yuan Ze University. The targets are set for the School’s future under leadership of the new President. With swift technological advancements, hope you will all remain cautious, strengthen agility, and march forward expeditiously with an open mindset!

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Weekly News

Asia Eastern University of science and technology concludes strategic alliance with freshwater Institute of Technology  

  Yadong University of science and technology and New Taipei Municipal Danshui senior commercial and industrial vocational school signed letters of intent on cooperation on March 10, represented by president Huang Maoquan and president Yu Xianhua respectively. The two sides concluded an educational partnership strategic alliance. In the future, they will enhance students' academic achievement and development and cultivate more excellent technical and vocational elites through various academic exchanges, observation activities and courses.   

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Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) remote medical care was introduced into new Taipei triple centralized Examination Center for the first time

  The epidemic situation in Taiwan is heating up again. With the increasing number of confirmed cases, the capacity of medical institutions is also tight. In order to maintain the necessary medical capacity, the epidemic treatment team of Yadong hospital introduces the "network remote medical care" platform jointly developed by the hospital and teletransmission Telecom into the triple centralized inspection center. Patients who enter the centralized inspection center can see online through the app of remote diagnosis and treatment, and then send drugs to the centralized inspection center by special bus to realize a new medical model, And anticipate the needs of home care mode in the future.

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Sichuan Yadong cement assisted longfu village in Pengzhou City in repairing irrigation ditches

  Sichuan Yadong cement received a letter from the overseas Chinese Affairs and Taiwan Affairs Office of Pengzhou municipal government on November 5, 2021, asking for 120 tons of cement to help longfu village, Jiuchi Town, Pengzhou City repair irrigation ditches. The donated cement will be disbursed in batches from 2021 to 2023, and 80 tons of cement has been provided. On March 23, 2022, director Li of the United Front Work Department of Pengzhou municipal government, Secretary of the Party committee of Jiuchi Town, general manager of Sichuan Yadong cement field and deputy director Guo led the team to longfu village to observe the progress of ditch repair. In the future, Sichuan Yadong cement will continue to fulfill its corporate responsibility and give back to the society.

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Weekly Event

Tonia Nicole launches five mother's Day offers

  From now on to May 31, Dongni bedroom accessories, la mode bedroom accessories and charisma bedroom accessories, together with the mother's day schedule of various department stores, will launch five discounts, including: 10% discount for designated goods, 1000 yuan discount for a single transaction over 10000 yuan on the fourth day of surprise (500 yuan discount for some counters over 5000 yuan), the lowest combined price of two sets of best-selling commodity bed bags from 6980 yuan, one free for many kinds of pillows in the new season, and 2580 yuan for two pieces of la mode single person cool quilt. In addition, from now on to April 12, all counters in Taiwan will take the lead in launching the brand pre purchase overweight activity, and the best-selling goods can enjoy a limited time 85% discount. Not only that, this year, in addition to selling Narumi Japanese Bone China joint bedding, Toni bedding also sold Bone China for the first time on Mother's day. From April 15, Toni bedding was sold first in Banqiao dayuanbai, far east SOGO Department Store Tianmu store, far east department store Zhubei store and Taimao Shopping Center.

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Mother's Day filial piety proposal of Taipei Far Eastern Group Shangri La

  Celebrating mother's day, the Far East Shangri La Hotel in Taipei launched a plan of accommodation and filial piety. The cake room on the 1st floor creates two mother's day limited cakes, namely "butterfly dance rose garden" in the shape of pink and tender rose petals, and "ice cream cake with frozen berries" in the shape of cool, sour and sweet. Make a reservation before April 18 and enjoy a 85% discount, so that mummies can have a sweet holiday! In addition, you can also choose to take your mommy to enjoy the mother's day limited meals in various restaurants in the museum on May 7 and 8, or the widely praised housing project of "weekend luxury, enjoyment and play club", so that mommy can experience a variety of courses and enjoy the fun of learning while playing. Reservation (02) 2376-3266; Reservation (02) 7711-2080; Book cake (02) 7700-3155.

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editor's pick

"Health Column ":The child is not tall. What should I do?

   Do your children have height problems? If the child is found to be more petite than children of the same age, or has not grown up, he should see a doctor as soon as possible and seek treatment.

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"Office Talk":Analysis of catering delivery
"Office Talk":Cornerstone of digital transformation -- customer data integration platform CDP
Editor's Word

"Far Eastern talk" Soliciting contribution of MAY topic:  mother's Day proposal

  The annual mother's Day is coming. What do you want to say to your mother? Have you planned how to comfort your dear mommy? Welcome to write and share your mother's proposal. If the article is less than 300 words long, the Far East monthly will provide you with a "filial piety fund"! (deadline: before April 15)


Winners List of No.379 Edition

Congratulations to the following winners who received Far Eastern Group 4 in 1 gift certificate for 300 yuan each!

遠通電收 蘇○君/亞東工業(蘇州) 張○航/遠傳電信 張○茹/遠東都會 陳○瑞/遠鑫電子票證 楊○萍/亞泥花蓮廠 梁○凱/亞東百貨  舒○樂/亞東科技大學 洪○佐/遠東新世紀 朱○禎/遠東商銀 張○鳳/遠東新新埔廠 許○芝/遠東新觀音廠 李○琳/鼎鼎企管 高○鳳/遠東SOGO巨城店 劉○奇/遠智證券 蔡○育

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