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05.2022 Welfare

Mother's Day filial piety proposal of Taipei Far Eastern Group Shangri La

Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel Taipei / Wang Jingpeng
        Celebrating mother's day, the Shangri La Hotel of Far Eastern Group in Taipei launched a plan of accommodation and filial piety. The cake room on the 1st floor creates two mother's day limited cakes, namely "butterfly dance rose garden" in the shape of pink and tender rose petals, and "ice cream cake with frozen berries" in the shape of cool, sour and sweet. Make a reservation before April 18 and enjoy a 85% discount, so that mummies can have a sweet holiday! In addition, you can also choose to take your mommy to enjoy the mother's day limited meals in various restaurants in the museum on May 7 and 8, or the highly praised housing project of "weekend luxury, enjoyment and play club", so that mommy can experience a variety of courses and enjoy the fun of learning while playing.

        In the limited cake on Mother's day, the "Butterfly Rose Garden" BlackBerry vanilla cheese cake (7 inches / 1580 yuan). The lifelike pink roses represent the love for mommy and also symbolize the blooming of mother's love. With the rich cheese cake as the main body, the creamy taste of cheese, the crisp biscuits on the bottom layer and the sour and sweet fruit aroma of wild berry sauce interweave the good taste of bursting happiness; "Frozen raspberry moment" raspberry Pistachio Ice Cream Cake (7 inches / 1980 yuan), slightly sour and sweet raspberry ice cream and rich taste Pistachio Ice Cream stack up with rich fruit fragrance. The appearance is like a crystal bright wine red mirror, coupled with a ribbon made of chocolate, symbolizing a sweet gift to Mommy. For ordering, please contact (02) 7700-3155. (mother's Day cake must be booked three days in advance)

        For the unique "weekend luxury, enjoyment and play club" housing project, two people can enjoy free upgrade to the first-class room type and a delicious breakfast the next day. They can also participate in a series of courses of "five senses experience" or "delicious discovery" for free and obtain a hotel gift certificate worth 3000 yuan. The "five senses experience" series includes making gin candles or gin jam; The "delicious discovery" series of courses include star chefs to take you to cook Chinese food, tiramisu, Hong Kong food, handmade spaghetti and so on. For project details and course schedule, please read:

        Taipei Far Eastern Group Shangri La reminds you that minors are not allowed to drink or drive, and their safety is guaranteed.

        Address: No. 201, Section 2, Dunhua South Road, Taipei

        Reservation (02) 2376-3266; Reservation (02) 7711-2080; Website: com/taipei


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