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05.2022 Group Briefing

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital remote medical care was introduced into new Taipei Sanchung Quarantine Center for the first time

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital / Qiu Anqi

        The epidemic situation in Taiwan is heating up again. With the increasing number of confirmed cases, the capacity of medical institutions is also tight. In order to maintain the necessary medical capacity, the epidemic treatment team of Far Eastern Memorial Hospital introduced the "online remote medical care" platform jointly developed by the hospital and Far EasTone telecommunications into the Sangchung Quarantine Center. Patients who check in the center can see a doctor online through the APP of remote diagnosis and treatment, Then their medicine will be delivered to the quarantine center by a special car to realize a new medical model and meet the needs of home care model in the future.

        The epidemic treatment team of Far Eastern Memorial Hospital was led by Vice President Lin Ziyu, who once operated Banqiao Quarantine Center. After receiving the heavy responsibility assigned by the Health Bureau of New Taipei on April 4, the team quickly completed the planning of personnel, route, environment and equipment in just two days, and began to treat patients on April 6. Hou Youyi, mayor of New Taipei, also simulated the use situation of patients during his inspection on the 6th. He had an online consultation with Dr. Weng Zimin, family medicine department of Far Eastern Memorial Hospital. The smooth and convenient consultation process made the mayor praise: "this video clinic is great!"

        Far Eastern Memorial Hospital's telemedicine service reached nearly 10000 times when the epidemic was the most severe in 2021. After that, it continued to improve the service mode. This time, it will play a role again and bring the most reassuring and practical help to the people.



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