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05.2022 Welfare

Tonia Nicole launches five mother's Day offers

Tonia Nicole / Wang Jiahui
        From now on to May 31, Tonia Nicole, la mode bedding and charisma bedding, together with the mother's day schedule of various department stores, will launch five discounts, including: 10% discount on designated goods, 1000 yuan discount on a single transaction of 10000 yuan on the fourth day of surprise (500 yuan discount on some counters over 5000 yuan), the minimum combined price of two sets of best-selling commodity beds and bags from 6980 yuan, one free for many kinds of pillows in the new season, and 2580 yuan for two pieces of la mode single person cool quilt. In addition, from now on to April 12, all counters in Taiwan will take the lead in launching the brand pre purchase overweight activity, and the best-selling goods can enjoy a limited time 85% discount.

        Wang Jiahui, manager of Tonia Nicole's integrated marketing office, said: "in the past two years, the business opportunities of housing have grown under the epidemic. It can be seen from the significant growth of 50% in the annual sales of Egyptian cotton or Tencel bed bags and bedding that consumers' demand for household products has increased. Therefore, 30% more goods are prepared on Mother's day this year, and Narumi porcelain is sold at the same time to meet consumers' pursuit of the texture of life.". For a long time, the Narumi co branded bedding sold by Tonia Nicole has been among the top three in the sales of department stores. This year, she is more optimistic about the business opportunities of high-quality porcelain. For the first time, she has sold 17 types of bone china porcelain, including Lucy's garden happy fruit series, Milano Milan series, Anna Emilia Amelia series and Aurora pink Aurora series. The price starts from 1888 yuan, and you can enjoy free home accessories to the house after spending 1500 yuan. If you buy a 4-piece bed bag group of CO branded bedding, Enjoy a 95% discount on the purchase of additional porcelain, which has been sold in Banqiao Far Eastern Department stores, Fe SOGO Department Stores Tianmu store, Far Eastern Department Stores Zhubei store and Taimao shopping center since April 15.

        Charisma 100% Egyptian long and fine cotton top-level series is favored by consumers for its generous and versatile appearance of classic plain color, embroidered thread and lace technology. The material has silk like luster, which is not only hygroscopic and breathable, but also soft to the skin. On Mother's day, you can choose two sets from 22000 yuan. Also loved by consumers are the Tencel bed bag group, which sold more than 80000 groups last year. This year's mother's day also launched two sets of 13000 yuan discount. Both of the above two products can be matched with activities of 10000 yuan and 1000 yuan.

        For families with children, la mode's animal children's fun series is specially recommended, including "Animal Adventure", "flower cat do re mi" and other new products. The double size four piece dual-purpose quilt bag group has a special price of 5980 yuan, and the extra size gives a dual-purpose pillow blanket with a value of 2560 yuan, which can be used as a pillow or air-conditioning blanket. It sells 5000 groups in a week.


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