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About FE Magazine

Chairman/Douglas Hsu
Sincerity, Diligence, Thrift, Prudence, InnovationAlways taken trustworthiness as the guiding principle of his business management. Beyond the groupfounder's commitment to constancy, honesty, and openness, he has enshrined Sincerity, Diligence, Thrift, Prudence, and Innovation as Far Eastern's founding philosophy.

Since relocating to Taiwan 70 years ago, under the visionary leadership of the Founder Y. Z. Hsu and the joint efforts of the entire Group, the Far Eastern Group (FEG) has achieved remarkable growth in scale, reputation, and revenues. Every member of the Far Eastern workforce takes pride in these outstanding achievements and performances. With an enormous workforce of over 60,000 employees across continents, how are they able to exchange and communicate regularly?

In its early years, Far Eastern Department Stores published the “Happy Family” magazine to distribute internally to staff and externally to the consumers to demonstrate the company’s operations. Afterwards, to further enhance FEG synergies and provide an exclusive communication medium, “Far Eastern Magazine” was established in 1990 to report on major news of each affiliate company while cultivating corporate culture of “Sincerity, Diligence, Thrift, and Prudence”. In response to changing trends in the recent thirty years, this magazine has continued to transform and grow with an increasingly engaging design and diverse content to earn recognition and support from all staff and employees.

To compete in an era of the knowledge-based economy, one must focus on the access, accumulation, and application of knowledge and be well versed with information technology. Therefore, to embrace the digital native generation, “Far Eastern Magazine” launched online in 2011, quickly and efficiently uploading the content onto the Group website. This enables all FEG colleagues and online viewers to have easy access to search the Group’s operations, and also represents the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

With in-depth reporting and refined printing, the “Far Eastern Magazine” has frequently won award recognitions by Taipei City Government, Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan, and other authorizing organizations. Just like the Far Eastern Group, this publication now covers across U.S., Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and is well received in mainland China. Looking forward, we are committed to providing more comprehensive content, accompanying the Far Eastern Group for decades to come!