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08.2020 Welfare

FEIB Bankee's new card, getting bonus with the lucky number 5261.

Far Eastern International Bank / Xiao Peiyi
        After the launch of the purple card of Far Eastern International Bank community bank financial card, netizens Kuso relay caused a wave of duck painting and digital deposit application in the forum. The first wave of Bankee financial card has been completely used up, and the new green card face is on the stage. Netizens are welcome to relay the "green card" face of Kuso Bankee finance and continue to give full play to their creativity. From now on to July 24, Bankee social Bank launched the "I love green e" 5261 activity for new customers, with NT $500 as reward. People with any lucky number of ID card number 5, 2, 6 or 1 can successfully open a Bankee digital deposit account during the activity period, and log in to Bankee app to complete the setting of dream money before July 31, which means that they are eligible for reward.

        For the digital deposit account of Far Eastern International Bank, the living deposit interest rate is 0.6% (equivalent to 4-5 times of the market) and there is no upper limit of limit. If the recommender and the recommender successfully share the recommendation code with two people and form a group, both the recommender and the recommended person can share the high annual interest rate of NT $50000 with an annual interest rate of 2.6% (equivalent to 21 times of the market). In addition, Far Eastern International Bank community bank links digital deposit with dream money design, combines illustration and dream money setting to help customers control their dream progress at any time. In terms of deposit status, the bank presents various skills of Bankee in the fund pool, from playing sand, swimming, snorkeling, to surfing, to encourage customers to realize their dream money savings plan step by step. The amount of deposit is designed as the water level of the fund pool. The closer the savings amount is to the set target, the higher the percentage of dream progress will be Social bank digital deposit account is a good and interesting saving experience for the young generation by making serious financial management.

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