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09.2020 Group Briefing

FET once again joins hands with 7-Eleven to provide one stop service to enjoy 5G life

Far EasTone telecommunication / Zhong Yizhen
        In order to be closer to the needs of consumers, far EasTone telecommunications continues to seek transformation opportunities in cross industry alliance and launch multi service experience stores. Since 2019, far EasTone telecommunications has been jointly exhibiting with Louisa coffee, effimall and 7-Eleven, and its innovative composite store and innovative service are well received. In order to provide consumers with a full range of services, far EasTone telecommunications took advantage of the success and once again joined hands with 7-Eleven to enter Nanjing Fuxing commercial business district. Combining the advantages of both sides, far EasTone telecommunication established 5g service. The "far EasTone telecommunications Nanjing Fuxing North compound experience store" opened on August 17, and launched a number of preferential activities to welcome the public to participate in the grand event.

                In recent years, convenience stores have continued to launch large-scale and multi-functional stores to meet the needs of consumers' life and effectively attract customers and improve their performance through diversified business models. Compared with the general stores, the number of visitors in the far EasTone telecommunication composite experience market has increased by five times, and the sales performance of Telecom number and digital services has also increased by 140%. Both the number of customers and the performance of Telecom sales and services have shown a leap forward growth.

        "Far EasTone telecommunication Nanjing fuxingbei compound experience store" was officially opened on August 17. Working and commuting groups can use lunch time to complete the payment, shopping, mobile phone application and other services in a one-stop manner. They can also enjoy the far EasTone telecommunication Friday VR immersive entertainment experience through 5g mobile phones.

                Opening month is limited! "Far EasTone telecommunication dumpling" or "open sauce hand fan" after clocking in the shop

        From August 17 to August 31, take photos and punch in the "far EasTone telecommunication Nanjing Fuxing North compound experience store", and complete the following specified steps: (1) upload personal FB or Ig ා to celebrate the new opening of far EasTone telecommunication x 7-Eleven zhulun store in Nanjing Fuxing North (2) to far EasTone telecommunication If you like to become a fan, you can exchange for one or two free gifts of "far EasTone telecommunication canvas dumpling bag" or "open sauce hand fan"; if you purchase any regular price items in far EasTone telecommunication store before September 30, you can enjoy a limited cash discount of 500 yuan.

        Apply for the "far EasTone telecommunication heart 5g" designated scheme, send 7-Eleven gift certificate, with code binding about 500 yuan

        Before August 31, apply for the designated scheme of far EasTone telecommunication 5g in the "far EasTone telecommunication Nanjing Fuxing North composite experience store" and send "300 yuan 7-Eleven gift certificate" with additional code; those who successfully carry the code with any period of bills within three months from other networks will be given a discount of 500 yuan in limited cash; with far EasTone telecommunication, you can get a discount of 500 yuan in limited cash And 7-Eleven's purchase invoice (excluding payment, collection and sale of goods and cigarette consumption) with a limited amount of "far EasTone telecommunication USB Bracelet" will be sent. Before December 31, you can enjoy a discount of 100 yuan (limited to 100 per month) if you purchase any product at the "far EasTone telecommunications Nanjing Fuxing North composite experience store" with the unlimited consumption invoice of 7-ELEVEN zhulun store.


        This event can only be handled at far EasTone telecommunication Nanjing Fuxing north branch store before August 31, 2020, and can enjoy the free gifts and discount.

        The number of free gifts is limited until the end of delivery.

        The details of the event shall be subject to the site announcement. Far EasTone telecommunication reserves the right to modify, suspend and terminate the activity. Far EasTone telecommunication website


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