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10.2020 Welfare

HAPPY GO joins hands with three e-commerce companies to celebrate the Double Tenth anniversary

Ding & Ding management consultants joint marketing / Huang Yunru
        In October, not only the annual celebration of the physical department store channel, but also the e-commerce showed the greatest sincerity, offering the annual best discount. Happy go was optimistic about the consumption power of the double tenth anniversary celebration, and once again joined hands with far EasTone telecommunication Friday Shopping, Momo shopping network and pine nut shopping to launch super kill points feedback, far EasTone telecommunication Friday Shopping offers a 20:00 discount of 10 yuan. In addition, the department store's anniversary counter is also synchronized. When the station is full of 5000 yuan, the whole station will give you 5000 yuan. Momo shopping network also introduces a top sweeper for binding the first purchase of new customers. Pine fruit shopping mainly focuses on the "national Carnival", with 40 points for each exchange point and 1010 points for accumulated points.

        According to Li Mingcheng, vice president of the joint marketing customer business unit of Ding & Ding management consultants, the impact of the epidemic this year has driven stay at home economy, and e-commerce has generally made outstanding achievements. Happy go has strengthened the member service of mobile payment, expanded far EasTone telecommunication Friday in the first half of the year, and can also use harpy go pay for shopping. According to the consumption data of happy go, the peak season of e-commerce retail began at the end of September. Cardou used happy go pay to pay for shopping at far EasTone telecommunication Friday, and the consumption amount increased by nearly 30% compared with August, and the average consumption amount per person was 5, As the fourth quarter will enter into the largest schedule of e-commerce, double-11 and double-12, the contactless business opportunities of mobile payment will be multiplied by the charm of points, and the performance of e-commerce point exchange is expected to reach a peak again!

        In order to celebrate the anniversary of the department store, far EasTone telecommunication Friday will provide exclusive direct delivery service for exclusive products of special counter brands by combining Pacific SOGO Department store and Far Eastern Department store of the group from now on. The whole station will give you 5% after RMB 5000, The discount coupon of RMB 2000 will be placed before November 1, and Dyson super sonic hair dryer will be pumped at the full amount. The discount of 10 yuan will be offered at 12:00 noon on October 23 and October 30. From now on to December 31, the designated bank will receive 200 points of happy go points with consumption of 2000 yuan or more, and the cumulative maximum of 5500 points can be returned.

        Pinecone shopping launched the "national Carnival" to meet the challenge. Products in the special zone will be sold at a discount of 86, and new customers will be entitled to exclusive activities before October 31. During the event, 20 points will be given to happy go and 100 points will be given for the first consumption.

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