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10.2020 Welfare

"café 50" 's seafood gourmet

Mega 50 dining & banquet / Yan Huiyuan
        In autumn, CAF é (50F), the highest cafeteria in China, is definitely the first choice for dining. The 360 degree panoramic view of the dining hall is endless. Whether it's clear sky, white clouds like snow, sunset or bright lights, it's all gorgeous and beautiful! From September 9 to October 31, Chen Junshan, the champion chef, presented the most sincere "sea and land double cannons" activity. With the help of angel red shrimp, there was unlimited supply of seafood. In addition, American extremely black and beef hamburger, Pu Shao eel well, famous Indian cuisine, as well as Xi'an Ramen master's oil spilled noodles in Taiwan Wait, the delicious food is dazzling, the rich is worth! Caf é on the 50th floor also cooperates with a number of banks. Among them, Far Eastern International Bank can enjoy a 20% discount on card consumption every day (see remarks). Please call (02) 7705-9723 for details or reservation.

                Chef Chen Junshan, who holds the title of 2017 New Zealand International Culinary competition, led the team to select food ingredients strictly and prepare delicately. He said: "autumn is a great time to eat seafood, so let the hand picked seafood which is very popular with customers come back! The items included in the list include red and sweet angel red shrimp, thick and delicious purple scallop, Yunlin red billed clam and Mazu mussel with fresh q-bomb, as well as North Coast rolls and crab feet, with German sausage, fried bird eggs, sweet corn, cauliflower Add garlic cream or Sichuan pepper and sesame sauce to the table. The aroma will be fried, so delicious that it can't stop! "

        During the event, shengmeng seafood bar, popular daily food area, fried barbecue, Chinese and Western hot food, baked American beef, also listed a full range of good food, waiting for gourmet to dig treasure! The chef also added us and beef burgers and braised eel well, all ready to order. The hamburger with 100% American black and beef fried, oily juice spray, with mustard and maple sugar peanut butter, taste too beautiful! After being roasted, the eel is spread on the rice, and then drizzled with sweet sauce with attractive color, and then decorated with shredded eggs and seaweed, the eel meat is delicious and delicious, which makes people have a great appetite!

        Chen Boyi, a new chef in the restaurant, has a professional background and is particularly interested in spices. He works in Ding & Ding management consultants "Think about the kitchen" (the only Indian cuisine recommended by Michelin dishes in 2020) has studied with Indian chefs for five years and made special contributions to show eight Indian specialties in the hot food area. All of them are very laborious. There are tanguli roast chicken with rich sour flavor, roasted mutton with strong aroma, crisp and delicious spicy roast fish, and Goa sour and spicy rice cake that can be eaten alone or used as seasoning Curry, chickpea curry, coconut milk and yellow curry in the season when coconut milk is obvious. There are also salty and crisp street snacks - Indian crisp balls, and Indian scones, which are regarded as one of the main foods. They have genuine taste and must be tasted!

        Another highlight of the event is that Feng Yongtian, the pastry chef of Taipei cafeteria, should invite guests from the start of the event to September 20 when his restaurant is being refitted. Chef Feng is a native of Xi'an. He graduated from Kaixi cuisine college. He was taught by the local pastry king. He has more than 15 years of experience. He is good at Kung Fu. He will make trouser belt noodles and sliced noodles on site. He will provide authentic beef and tomato noodles and his first oily noodles cooked in Taiwan. Oily noodles, which are unfamiliar to Chinese people, are the most typical home flavor in Shaanxi Province. The slightly sour and slightly sweet sauce made with various spices is put into the bowl first, and then the long and wide hand-made trouser noodles, vegetables, garlic powder, scallion and chili powder are successively added. Then, a spoonful of hot oil is poured on the noodles, and the sound and aroma of the sauce are immediately raised. The sauce is smooth and sour, which is very enjoyable !

                In summer and autumn, the most suitable theme for desserts is rich lemon pie, lemon fruit cream cake, lemon cheese tower, and lime grape Barbary, which compose graceful dance music for taste buds after a big meal; other desserts include tiramisu, fragrant grass roasted cloth bud, coconut mango pudding, Chestnut Crisp tower, coffee acre As well as our favorite Haagen Dazs and New Zealand's No.1 brand ice cream, it is a perfect end to a full meal!

        This is to remind you that the actual items are subject to the on-site supply; the meal fees of CAF é cafeteria on the 50th floor are as follows: NT $799 for lunch and NT $899 for dinner on weekdays, NT $899 for lunch and NT $999 for dinner on holidays, with 10% service charge added.

                Note: during the activity period, it coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holiday. Please refer to the official website for details of the date and usage regulations of credit cards www.mega50.com.tw 。

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