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12.2020 Honor

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan President Zhou Lihua won "outstanding president of Tainan region in 2020"

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan / PU Yiyun

        President Zhou Lihua of Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan, developed innovative products with creative thinking, which not only set an example in the industry, but also did a good job in corporate social responsibility, ensured employees' employment, and made unremitting efforts for the sustainable operation of the hotel. So he won the "Tainan outstanding manager - outstanding enterprise president" in 2020.


        The global economy is greatly devastated by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, and domestic catering industry has been hit severely as well. In the face of severe challenges, President Zhou thanked colleagues for creating a safe and secure business space and providing top-level services for visitors and also thanked the team for responding to the situation quickly and using innovative marketing strategies to drive revenue performance. For example, takeout goods and online goods were developed and successfully opened up a new blue ocean. Recently, we have developed twin city strategy, joined hands with Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei to expand customers, and actively developed new products to lengthen sales front, create topics, but also enhance the corporate image. With an open-minded style and enthusiasm, President Zhou Lihua will continue to create a new situation with a positive and forward-looking vision, and create a comprehensive experience beyond the expectations of guests through refinement, customization and localization of the niche market!

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