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12.2020 Group Briefing

Far eastern group claimed 32 corporate sustainability Awards

Far eastern New Century Corporation / Sha Yimin


        The Far Eastern Group has won 32 awards in this year's "global corporate sustainability Awards (gcsa)" and "Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award (TCSA)", winning 32 awards, and once again ranked first in the Taiwan group. As the parent of the group, Douglas Hsu led the group to the sustainability summit again this year after winning the "outstanding person World Award" of the Global Corporate Sustainability Award last year. He personally attended the award ceremony on November 18 to receive many awards on behalf of Far Eastern New Century Corporation.

        Douglas Hsu said that this performance reflects the group's efforts in sustainable management and the group's overall emphasis on ESG sustainability development. In the future, we will continue to work hard to create sustainable value.


        Far Eastern Group shoulders the responsibility and mission of corporate sustainability, and digs deeply into the issue of corporate sustainability. All affiliated enterprises, with their own industries as the core, contribute to the manufacturing, service, financial and medical systems. This year, nine affiliated enterprises of Far Eastern Group won awards. Far Eastern New Century Corporation won the top honors of "Taiwan's top 10 sustainable model enterprises Award (Manufacturing Group)" and "TCSA enterprise Sustainability Report - best report of the year award", ranking first in the industry. Far EasTone telecommunications won eight awards including "TCSA Taiwan's top 10 sustainable model enterprises Award (service industry group)". Far Eastern Department store and Pacific SOGO Department Store won the "TCSA Taiwan Top 50 sustainable enterprise award". Asia Cement Corporation once again won the "gcsa best case - Emerging Market - excellent performance". Far Eastern Memorial Hospital won the Bronze Award for the first hospital HSR Sustainability Program. In addition, Far Eastern International Bank, U-Ming marine transport, Oriental Union Chemical Corporation and other enterprises have also won the "TCSA enterprise excellence case" and "TCSA enterprise Sustainability Report Award", making far eastern group the biggest winner of this year's Corporate Sustainability Award.       



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