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01.2022 Group Briefing

Taiwan etc landed in Thailand and will be completed as soon as 2025

Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection / Li junzhang
        On December 7, Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection announced that it would cooperate with Thailand bgsr consortium to build a new "expressway M6 / M81 case". Far Eastern Electronic Toll collection would provide an innovative electronic toll collection system and assist in the design, construction and subsequent maintenance of traffic control system. It is expected to effectively solve the long-standing traffic jam in Thailand through intelligent technology, The whole project is expected to be completed as soon as 2025.

        Zhang Yongchang, President of Far Eastern Electronic Toll collection, said that 2021 is a big step in the new southward direction of etc national team, and this cooperation case is the first case output of the whole case of Taiwan system. Taiwan's zero contact traffic reform experience will serve as a reference for Thailand to build a free flow etc and lay out the layout of the country's intelligent transportation (ITS) development plan.

        Thailand has a population of nearly 70 million and more than 18 million registered vehicles. The traffic congestion for many years has been a major pain point in its development. The Department of highway of Thailand has been promoting the 20-year expressway development plan since 2017. It is expected to complete 21 expressway networks with a total length of 6612 km by 2036. The M6 and M81 roads are the first expressways to be built and completed in the plan, and Thailand has invested 39 billion baht (equivalent to about NT $33.3 billion) built, M6 connects the outer ring road of Bangkok, Thailand to the northeast, while M81 leads to the west, with a total length of 330 kilometers.

        Relying on its strong momentum of smart technology industry, Taiwan provides successful experience in the transformation of national highway toll collection in Taiwan, which can accelerate the Thai government to achieve its goal. Therefore, it stands out from multinational manufacturers and obtains this major bid. Zhang Yongchang president again pointed out that national highway electronic toll collection has become a world trend. In particular, the "zero contact" National Highway Electronic Toll Collection System in the epidemic era is conducive to the promotion and development of intelligent transportation, and has been highly valued by all countries. The construction experience of multi Lane free flow on Taiwan's national highway is worthy of reference by all countries, so that the world can see the energy of Taiwan's intelligent transportation technology.


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