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01.2022 Cover Story

Take root in the sustainable innovation Bureau

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room
        In recent years, "ESG" has become a global hot search keyword. It is not only an important investment trend concerned by investors, but also the largest common denominator between governments and enterprises of various countries. Its influence is spreading in an all-round way. Various evaluation standards and reward mechanisms have sprung up. Everyone hopes to improve the living environment and promote social sustainability development. Among them, "Global corporate sustainability Awards (gcsa)" and "Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award (TCSA)" are highly indicative awards, and the latter even has the reputation of "Taiwan sustainability Oscar". This year, the Far Eastern group team, as always, has made outstanding achievements in the field of enterprise sustainability, surpassing the others with an extremely high number of awards of 31 awards. This issue "Cover story" not only shares with you how the award-winning enterprises use creativity, core competence and action to establish benchmarks for economic growth, environmental sustainability and social integration, but also further invites Zicheng sustainability development service company to lead you to understand the new trend of global enterprise sustainability development in 2022.

        The trend of ESG is in the ascendant. I believe that winning the award is only the beginning and success can be replicated. Let's work together to master the trend and take root in the sustainable innovation bureau!


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