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01.2022 Cover Story

Long lasting winner Far Eastern Group won the first place in Taiwan

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room
377G00        For many people, ESG is a new word in recent years, but for far eastern group, it has adhered to the business philosophy for more than 70 years. In 2021, many of the group's enterprises once again achieved excellent results in Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) and global corporate sustainability Awards (gcsa), setting a best example for enterprises to practice ESG.

        Far Eastern Group swept 26 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA)

        Taiwan's top ten sustainable model enterprise awards: Far Eastern New Century Corporation, far EasTone Telecommunications

        377G01        In terms of corporate governance, far eastern New Century Corporation established a "corporate sustainability committee" at the board level to formulate "risk management policy" and "Tax Governance Policy", which has won the top 5% of corporate governance evaluation for three consecutive years; In terms of financial operation, maintain the leading position of the industry, make profits and distribute dividends every year; In environmental protection, strengthen energy resource management and green process; In terms of employee care, international famous colleges are arranged to focus on cultivating talents, and work with supply chain partners to lead enterprises to build a business model of symbiosis and common prosperity with the environment and society. In 2020, the covid-19 epidemic broke out. As the world's largest supplier of medical grade composite fiber, far eastern New Century Corporation fully supplied more than 90% of the inner raw materials of masks in Taiwan, and developed innovative anti epidemic products to help the whole people fight the epidemic.

        Under the threat of the epidemic, far EasTone telecommunications continued to strengthen its digital transformation, Deepen 5g "big data + AI + IOT" (big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things) (IOT)) and cloud technology to help the government build a long-distance medical field, solve people's livelihood problems such as transportation and air quality, and implement 5g vertical application. We also spare no effort in environmental protection. In addition to joining the climate change initiative of GSMA Association, we have also become the third SBTI certified Telecom Company in Asia, committed to reducing the impact of enterprises on the environment. As for "Turning education to love far EasTone telecommunications", "Baowei earth to love far EasTone telecommunications", "hand in hand with the vanguard of sustainability" and "caring family to love far EasTone telecommunications" have been in operation for many years, becoming the strongest backing for rural education, vulnerable families and public welfare groups.

        Top50 Taiwan Sustainable Enterprise Award: Asia Cement Corporation, Far Eastern Department Stores

        Asia Cement Corporation has actively implemented the ESG sustainable action. In terms of environment, it is not only committed to developing low-carbon products, but also promoting green process, becoming the fourth cement company in the world to obtain SBTI certification; On the social front, in addition to introducing the International Art Festival to Hualien, it also held more than 100 ecological tour exhibitions and participated in the ecological rehabilitation project; In terms of corporate governance, Asia Cement Corporation has also won many awards such as "Asia responsible enterprise awards (area)".

        Far Eastern Department Stores formulates six sustainable actions with the thinking of sustainable innovation, adjusts resources and strategies with an agile attitude, invests in social care for a longer time, holds 600 public welfare activities a year, promotes energy transformation and creates environmental protection department stores. In 2020, it not only won 34 sustainability index awards at home and abroad, but also the only department store in Taiwan that won the "national Sustainability Development Award" twice in three years, setting the best sustainable model for Taiwan's department store retail industry.

        Taiwan Sustainable Enterprise Performance Award: Pacific SOGO Department Store

        377G02        Pacific SOGO Department store, known as the CSR model student of Taiwan's department store retail industry, takes "sustainable key six forces" as the core value, combined with operational strength and adaptability, and continues to invest in sustainable operation, green department stores, public welfare platforms and happy workplace. In 2020, despite the outbreak of the epidemic, Pacific SOGO Department store still went against the wind and launched the "Vision Project" to build a retail benchmarking enterprise that keeps pace with the times, is friendly and friendly, and has an all-round fashion life experience.

        TCSA enterprise Sustainability Report

        The enterprise sustainability report describes how enterprises start from their own industries and deeply cultivate sustainability issues. Under the leadership of Douglas Hsu, the corporate sustainability report of 8 companies of Far Eastern Group was affirmed by TCSA this year, among which the Chinese reports of Pacific SOGO Department store, U-Ming marine transport, Far Eastern International Bank and Oriental Union Chemical Corporation won the "Gold Award"; The Chinese reports of Far Eastern New Century Corporation, Asia Cement Corporation, Far Eastern Department stores and far EasTone telecommunications won the "Platinum Award".

        Innovation and growth leader Awards: Far Eastern New Century Corporation, Far Eastern Department stores, far EasTone Telecommunications

        Far eastern New Century Corporation is a leader in the global polyester textile industry. With "innovation" as its entrepreneurial spirit, far eastern New Century Corporation transforms intelligent production and operation and product services, and actively develops innovative products in line with the international green label to create green business opportunities. After the outbreak of covid-19 epidemic in 2020, we will use our core R & D capabilities to develop various medical raw materials and jointly protect the health of the whole people with downstream epidemic prevention product manufacturers.

        Facing the impact of covid-19 and the rise of digital retail, Far Eastern Department stores also gives full play to the spirit of "innovation", In the past five years, we have successively completed "building a paperless office, integrating cross departmental systems, formulating management indicators (KPIs) and establishing an enterprise portal network (EIP)" Four objectives: effectively control operating costs, improve productivity, gradually integrate physical retail and online shopping, form an online iron triangle of app, online shopping and social media, and provide real-time and intimate services to meet consumer needs.

        377G04        Following the DNA of the group's "innovation", far EasTone telecommunications also makes full use of the core capabilities of "big data + AI + IOT", cloud technology and 5g network to develop innovative digital services. Whether working with Delta and Microsoft to build Taiwan's first 5g smart factory, or cooperating with Asia Pacific Telecom to complete Taiwan's first case of common frequency and common network, or even building a mobile life circle in combination with major different industry brands, it highlights far EasTone Telecommunications's determination to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and create brand sustainable value.

        Talent development leader award: Far Eastern New Century Corporation, far EasTone Telecommunications

        In view of the advent of digital technology and the intensification of global dynamic competition, it is urgent to cultivate a new generation of talents. Far Eastern New Century Corporation launched two plans, namely "digital transformation talent cultivation" and "international talent cultivation", from 2019 to 2020, to restructure and strengthen the quality and quantity of the inheritance echelon, and match diversified training according to different levels, Cultivating talents is combat effectiveness. For the first time, the training courses of MIT Sloan School of management and Wharton School were introduced to lead the transformation of the organization.

        Far EasTone telecommunications, which has always attached importance to colleague training and care, not only focuses on cultivating employees' core competence in innovation and digital transformation, but also holds innovation competitions with international well-known enterprises to attract talents. At the same time, it strictly protects employees' rights and interests such as privacy, work, gender equality, freedom of speech and promotion of growth, so as to make employees happy in the workplace.

        Climate Leadership Award: Asia Cement Corporation, far EasTone Telecommunications

        In response to the increasingly serious problems of global warming and climate change, Asia Cement Corporation is committed to promoting green production processes. In addition to reducing the use of natural minerals and fuels, adjusting the proportion of limestone and reducing the use of clinker with high carbon emission, Asia Cement Corporation also actively develops recycled economy and formulates internal carbon pricing management measures that change periodically every five years, As a management tool to promote low-carbon transformation investment, drive energy efficiency and achieve reduction targets, it passed the SBTI review in 2021 and became the fourth cement company in the world to set carbon reduction targets and specifically respond to global climate control warming below 2 ° C.

        Knowing that the operation of enterprises may bring risks and opportunities to the ecological environment and energy supply, far EasTone telecommunications also specially established the environment and energy management committee to specify the carbon reduction objectives and process, review the energy performance, pay attention to the dynamics of laws and regulations, then formulate response plans, and start from the perspective of the life cycle of telecommunications services, Introduce energy and environmental management system, join hands with customers, suppliers and contractors to form a "sustainable vanguard" to expand the influence of enterprises.

        Social inclusion Leader Award: Asia Cement Corporation, far EasTone Telecommunications

        377G03        Asia Cement Corporation has been deeply engaged in eco-environmental education for a long time. It has not only built the best eco-environmental education base in Taiwan - "Asia Cement Corporation Eco Park", which provides high-quality interpretation and interactive experience free of charge, but also expanded the scale to cooperate with organs, schools, associations and other units to handle diversified environmental education activities, so as to further spread sustainable seeds to all parts of Taiwan, Create new enterprise value.

        Coincidentally, far EasTone telecommunications also takes "social harmony, digital inclusion and environmental education" as the three strategic axes of public welfare, and builds a smart city with social care through the core skills of "big data + AI + IOT" in the social aspect; In the aspect of digital inclusion, we launched the project of "turning education to love far EasTone telecommunications" to popularize digital knowledge and shorten the gap between urban and rural areas; In terms of environmental education, it focuses on "establishing far EasTone telecommunications green culture, promoting environmental green education and advocating consumption green responsibility" to make a contribution to environmental protection.

        Recycled economy Leadership Award: Far Eastern New Century Corporation

        Polyester is the most widely used plastic in the world, among which textiles are the most used. However, the most mature "physical method" in polyester recycling technology can not be applied to polyester textiles and other products with complex components. To this end, far eastern New Century Corporation began to invest in the research of "chemical method" recycling technology in 2013, At present, we have completed the recycling tests of "chemical method", such as B2B (bolt to bolt), F2F (fabric to fabric), L2L (label to label), and cooperated with international well-known brands to develop and promote downstream applications to help solve the problem of polyester waste recycling and treatment all over the world, which is an example for enterprises to develop recycled economy.

        Supply Chain Leader Award: far EasTone Telecommunications

        Far EasTone telecommunications establishes supply chain management strategy, sets annual objectives, and continuously publicizes environment, society and Governance (ESG) three sustainable aspects, and work together with the expert of sustainable supply chain - diligent Zhongxin to evaluate the sustainability of third-party suppliers. In addition, far EasTone telecommunications also actively called on partners to jointly help organizations in Taiwan lacking resources, and officially launched the "public welfare repair project of Taiwan binmao junior high school basketball court" in 2020 To provide safer and more convenient training venues for rural school children.

                Transparency and integrity Leader Award: far EasTone Telecommunications

        Since its establishment, far EasTone telecommunications has made great efforts to improve the corporate governance, supervision structure and the principle of honest operation, establish a governance system with smooth operation and clear rights and responsibilities, publicize and train employees internally, disclose information through multiple channels externally, and set up complaint channels for internal and external personnel to report violations, At the same time, suppliers are required to sign the code of integrity. Moreover, far EasTone telecommunications has also established a risk management committee to implement enterprise risk management, and a corporate social responsibility Committee to formulate sustainable strategies and short, medium and long-term goals, and hold quarterly meetings to review progress.

        Creative communication Leader Award: far EasTone Telecommunications

        In order to effectively grasp the key points of communication with stakeholders, far EasTone telecommunications obtains feedback through the questionnaire on the official website and special communication channels, responds and communicates through multiple communication channels, listens to the needs of employees through the all staff online communication conference, implements improvement one by one, and improves employees' centripetal force and sense of identity. For suppliers, the supplier conference is used to deepen communication and enhance cooperation.

        Far eastern group and Asia Cement Corporation were recognized by global corporate sustainability Awards (gcsa)

        Far eastern New Century Corporation currently takes the lead in food grade recycled polyester and marine recycled polyester. In view of the sustainable fermentation, the global demand for recycled materials has increased greatly. In particular, it has developed innovative chemical recycling technology, in addition to recycling Baote bottles into new green products, and further integrating packaging materials, fabrics Labels and other polyester wastes that are not easy to recycle produce high value-added green materials and energy, so as to find a new solution for recycled economy, Global corporate sustainability awards gcsa "best case of the year - World Award" (best practice - world class - outstanding practice). In addition, far eastern New Century Corporation also developed masks and a number of key epidemic prevention raw materials during the covid-19 epidemic, formed an epidemic prevention front with downstream medical manufacturers, provided people and medical personnel with high-quality epidemic prevention products, and won the "special award for epidemic response".

                Asia Cement Corporation, which is also a manufacturing industry, promises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 258000 tons from 2019 to 2025. In response to global climate control warming below 2 ℃, it has not only obtained SBTI certification, but also won the gcsa "best practice - Emerging Market - great practice".

        In addition to the above awards, the excellent sustainable business strategy also made far eastern New Century Corporation and Asia Cement Corporation win the silver award and bronze award of gcsa "sustainability reporting" respectively.


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