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遠東集團     The Latest Issue:2020-8-24

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The Date of The First Issue :2001-06-01

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In the post epidemic era, aiming at business opportunities of gaining followers to boost membership economy

   In early 2020, novel coronavirus pneumonia attacked the world, and the world's 12 large economies were hit severely. Even in the Taiwan where the epidemic situation was relatively stable, most industries were affected, the performance seriously slumped, and even layoffs, unpaid leave and closing of shops happened. Looking back on the financial crisis in 2008, when the competitors reduced costs and services due to the recession, the companies whose performance can grow took root and concentrated resources on loyal customers, which also laid the foundation for growth when the economy recovered. Customer management is an important and key issue both in the current epidemic situation and in the post epidemic era.

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Weekly News

Start of new nitrogen plant construction project in Nanzi processing area of air liquid Far Eastern

  Yadong Industrial Gas Co., Ltd., jointly established by far east new century and the world's top gas manufacturer Air Liquide Group, has decided to invest in the construction of a gas production and control equipment center and hold a groundbreaking ceremony on August 17, in view of the recent expansion of the semiconductor industry in Nanzi industrial zone and the need for more high-purity industrial gases in the future.

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The opening ceremony of collaboration between industry and school and Youth Innovation Center of Oriental Institute of Technology

  The industry university cooperation and Youth Innovation Center of Tanshui campus of Yadong Institute of technology held a commencement ceremony on August 18, inviting a number of political and business personages such as Xu Xudong, chairman of the Far East Group and Xie Zhengda, vice mayor of New Taipei municipal government. In the future, we will combine industry and university resources to cultivate teachers and students' entrepreneurship, and then drive the energy of Taiwan's innovation industry to flip.

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Far Eastern Union Chemical Corporation (Yangzhou) won the top 100 industrial enterprises in Yangzhou

  On August 11, Yangzhou municipal government announced the selection results of the competition of "striving for excellence" in the city's industrial high-quality development in 2019. Far East United Petrochemical (Yangzhou) won the 42nd prize of Yangzhou's top 100 industrial enterprises in 2019.

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Weekly Event

Far EasTone telecommunication once again joins hands with 7-Eleven one stop service to welcome 5g life

  In order to provide consumers with all-round services, Yuanchuan once again joined hands with 7-Eleven to enter Nanjing Fuxing commercial business district, and combined with the advantages of both parties, Yuanchuan created 5g service. "Nanjing Fuxing North compound experience store" opened on August 17, and a number of preferential activities were launched to welcome the public to participate in the grand event.

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3.2 double up Ding Ding integrated marketing services

  As the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, shopping happiness has prepared a list of gifts for you. From August 24 to September 27, the discount is as low as 3.2, and the order is over 300 yuan, and then 20 yuan will be reduced. This will help the joy of reunion and make the gathering time more warm.

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Editor's pick

Finance Column:Passive income starts with active investment

   Many people are talking about passive income. Every day when we turn to the financial column, we can see that the headline reads "saving shares for retirement" or "accumulating the first pot of gold through investment". I believe many people doubt: is investment really so simple? Can you increase passive income every month by saving shares? There are so many financial commodities on the market, how to choose? It is not easy to invest, and if you don't invest a lot of money, passive income can't support the family. However, the tolerance of investors to risk is also a crucial issue.

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「Finance Column」:Passive income starts with active investment
「Legal Column-TW」:Work hard! Six major youth employment subsidies have been launched
Editor's Words

"Far Eastern talk" Soliciting contribution of Oct topic: Are You a Fans? 

  In the era of digital convergence, we believe that we have been used to looking for information through various community platforms. When we meet interested objects or communities, we will also "pay attention" or "join fans" to facilitate tracking in the future. Welcome to write to share what fans you have participated in and why you are attracted. Within 300 words, far eastern magazine will offer you a "love to share" bonus! (deadline: before Sep 15)


Winners List of No.360 Edition

Congratulations to the following winners who received Far Eastern Group 4 in 1 gift certificate for 300 yuan each!

裕民航運 鄭○羽/鼎鼎聯合行銷  黃○琳/元智大學  李○瑄/亞東醫院  吳○娉/遠東資源開發  周○瑄/江西亞東水泥  曹○/亞東醫院  黃○瑜/遠東新世紀  周○伶/亞東技術學院  張○珍/遠傳電信  楊○晴/遠東新世紀  周○鈞/遠鑫電子票證  陳○蘋/遠傳電信  許○豪/遠東新研發中心  鄭○卉/亞證台中公司  江○慧。

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