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08.2020 Life Guide

Gout in summer?!

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital / Wu Jiansheng section chief
        Generally speaking, gout is less talked about in summer, but does gout really happen in summer? In fact, the onset of gout in summer is generally related to "exercise" and "diet". In this issue, professional doctors will explain the prevention and treatment of summer gout.

        Gout is often accompanied by metabolic syndrome, accompanied by hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia and obesity. To avoid metabolic syndrome, exercise and diet control are the most important. 2、 Thirty years ago, people in Taiwan paid less attention to sports. Although they knew the importance of sports, there was no further discussion on how to choose sports and how to avoid sports injuries. They also did not understand the relationship between sports and gout.

        Summer sports and prevention of gout

        In recent years, there has been a trend of sports and leisure. Many people are willing to spend time and money, engage in aerobic and heavy training, and enjoy outdoor activities and sweat. However, summer exercise, prone to a lot of sweating, resulting in dehydration of the body, but may lead to gout. Therefore, in sports, water supplement is a very important link, even in the night exercise, less poisonous sun, still need to pay attention to water supplement.

        Diet and gout prevention in summer

        In terms of food and drink, although the number of people eating hot pot in summer is reduced, many people still like to go to barbecue shops to drink cold beer with friends from three or five years. In addition, Shanghai made or visceral dishes are served with wine, resulting in the risk of gout rising again!

        Beer is the most effective wine causing gout. If you have gout, you should pay attention to your intake and drink more water. In addition, seafood and viscera are rich in prion, so you should be more restrained. For patients who have had gout attacks many times in a year, continuous use of uric acid lowering drugs is still the most important.

        According to previous studies, even if strict diet control can only slightly reduce uric acid in blood, so drug control is still indispensable for many patients. There are many choices for uric acid drugs, such as promoting the excretion of uric acid in the urine or preventing the production of uric acid. Doctors will choose the drugs according to the relative and absolute contraindications of each patient. In addition to diet, hyperuricemia in blood is partly caused by natural constitution. Although taking drugs can reduce it, hyperuricemia will be restored as soon as the drug is stopped. Most of the drugs for chronic diseases are already safe to a certain extent. Therefore, do not stop, add or reduce the drugs arbitrarily. If you want to adjust the dosage, please consult your doctor.

        Treatment of gout stone

        Gout stone is a special phenomenon, usually not acute attack, but patients with high uric acid, because the pain is not obvious, easy to lose their alertness, until the feet, ankles, elbows, and even fingers grow irregular gout stones everywhere to see a doctor, the bones will even be damaged.

                Even for very large gout stones, there is an opportunity to reduce the uric acid concentration in the blood to about 5 mg / dl by reducing uric acid drugs, which usually takes more than half a year to dissolve and disappear. Therefore, the best way is to find small gout stones and start to use drugs regularly. Even if the stone is gone, keep taking medicine. At present, it is still unknown which patients will have gout stone in medicine. It is only known that patients with gout stone can easily relapse once they stop taking drugs, so they should continue to use drugs.

        The efficiency of uric acid exclusion is related to renal function, and gout patients are also a high risk group of urinary calculi. If there are urinary calculi, they should be actively evaluated and treated. However, if the renal function is not good, resulting in the blood uric acid value can not reach the standard, and the speed of the disappearance of gout stone is not ideal, surgical intervention is needed.

        Because gout stones are mostly located near the joint ligaments, the blood supply is not good. If the wound is too large during the operation, a large number of tissues below will be removed, which may cause the wound to be unable to heal. At this time, the concept of minimally invasive surgery can effectively solve the problem of wound. Using special instruments such as ultrasonic scalpel to remove the gout stone and the underlying tissues in stages with small wounds, there will be no wound problem. The purpose of the operation is for function or beauty. It is necessary to discuss with the surgeon and control the uric acid value before the operation to avoid recurrence.

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