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08.2020 Life Guide

Employment promotion! Six major youth employment subsidies have been launched

Far eastern New Century Corporation / Wu Ruoqi
        New coronavirus pneumonia (covid-19) has greatly impacted the job market. In the first half of the year, many companies took unpaid leave and even had to lay off staff to reduce personnel expenses. Fortunately, the graduation season coincides with the slowing down of the epidemic. In order to encourage young people to actively seek jobs and stabilize employment, and at the same time reward employers for employing unemployed workers, the government launched six major employment subsidies in mid June, hoping to activate the long-standing low employment market.

        To encourage young people to seek jobs and stabilize their employment

        1. Youth employment Award Program

        Applicable qualifications: the nationality is 15-29 years old, graduated from 108 academic years, employed in full-time work and covered by employment insurance.

        Reward standard: employed from January 15 to June 14, 2020, and continuously employed by the same employer after June 15; or employed from June 15 to September 30, 2020 and continuously employed by the same employer. If the above conditions are met, an employment award of NT $20000 (the same below) will be issued on 90 days, and an additional 10000 yuan will be issued on 180 days, with a total of up to 30000 yuan.

        2. Employment awards for specific industries

        Qualifications: young people under 29 years old, working in specific manufacturing industry, care service industry and construction industry (such as textile industry, steel industry, casting industry and other high-risk industries).

        Reward standard: after being consulted and recommended by the public employment service agency to work in specific manufacturing industry or care service industry, if you are employed by the same employer for 30 consecutive days, you will be given an employment award of 5000-7000 yuan per month, with a maximum of 18 months and a maximum of 108000 yuan. A total of $138000 can be obtained by combining the first "youth employment Award".

        Training expertise - vocational training provided by the government to reward learning and reserve new skills

        1. New industry pioneer plan

        Applicable qualifications: unemployed youth aged 15-29.

        Training courses: courses provided by the central competent authorities of target enterprises and their donors (such as Institute for information industry, Industrial Technology Research Institute and foreign trade association, etc.), including: electronic and electrical machinery, industrial machinery, digital information, green technology and international marketing planning.

        The way of subsidy: 80% of the training expenses will be subsidized to the youth who have been employed within 90 days after the completion of the training, with a maximum subsidy of 100000 yuan; for the unemployed, 50% of the self paid amount of each youth's training expenses will be subsidized, and the maximum subsidy will be 70000 yuan.

        2. Study reward

        Applicable qualifications: unemployed youth aged 15-29.

        Training courses: focusing on "five plus two key industries", the contents include: smart machinery, Asia, Silicon Valley, green energy technology, biomedical industry, national defense industry, new agriculture and recycled economy.

        Subsidy method: in addition to the training fee subsidy of the third item of "new industry pioneer plan", participants of "five plus two key industries" can also receive a monthly reward of 8000 yuan; other courses will be provided with a monthly reward of 3000 yuan, up to 12 months, with a maximum of 96000 yuan.

        Encouraging Employment -- encouraging enterprises to provide job opportunities

        1. Flagship youth employment plan

        Applicable qualifications: employment insurance companies, non-governmental organizations, public or private high schools (vocational schools) or colleges and universities with the nationality of 15-29 years old, and apply from June 22, 2020 to June 30, 2021.

        Subsidy method: to reward new employees who lack work experience, senior employees act as career mentors to provide practical workplace training. Job training fees of training units are differentiated by the entry salary of young people. If the monthly salary of trainees is more than 30000 yuan, the training period is limited to nine months, and the maximum subsidy is 108000 yuan.

        2. Employment Award Scheme

        In addition to the youth employment flagship project, a maximum subsidy of $80000 can be provided for each young person employed. However, the scheme will depend on the employment status of young people and has not yet been launched.

        The six projects are expected to take care of 190000 young people seeking jobs for the first time and help at least 140000 people find jobs in a stable way. If you have young people aged 15-29 who want to apply for a job, you may as well take advantage of this opportunity. You can get the relevant allowance if you log in to the "plan section" of the "Taiwan employment link" website, fill in the application documents and successfully match the job. To seize the opportunity to get employment as soon as possible, or reserve energy through vocational training to earn bonus and reward, and create a win-win situation for yourself and the enterprise. (source: Ministry of labor, Taiwan Employment Association)

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