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10.2020 Group Briefing

Start of nitrogen plant construction project of AIR LIQUIDE in Nanzi Export Processing Zone 

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room

        In view of the recent expansion of semiconductor industry in Nanzi Industrial Zone and more business opportunities of high purity industrial gas in the future, Air Liquide Far Eastern Ltd., co-founded by FENC and the world’s top gas producer Air Liquide invested in the construction of gas production control equipment center, and held a commencement ceremony on August 17.

        In view of the increasing customer demand in Nanzi Industrial Zone, it is necessary to build a plant to increase the nitrogen production and reserve liquid nitrogen storage capacity. So Air Liquide Far Eastern Ltd. invested nearly 30 million US dollars to demolish the public warehouse and parking lot with low utilization rate in the processing export zone and built a new factory building with one underground floor and five floors above the ground, and rebuilt a parking lot and license plate identification system to give back to the processing office.

        The new plant is designed with low carbon and low energy consumption. After completion, it will not only generate environmental benefits, but also increase the gas supply of the park by nearly 50%. The existing equipment will be transferred to the new plant, and the original old plant will be returned to the processing department as the land for future plant construction or turnover. It will help the processing department to gradually update the plant equipment in the industrial zone, and become the best model of public-private partnership.





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