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遠東集團     The Latest Issue:2020-8-31

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The Date of The First Issue :2001-06-01

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Crisis is a turning point, but also a business opportunity -- SOGO transformation is now

   A sudden global catastrophe has brought unprecedented crisis to the world! The novel coronavirus pneumonia not only overturned human cognition, reverse people’s thinking, but also produced unprecedented changes to habitual lives. It is appropriate that someone called the novel coronavirus pneumonia as "the Third World War".

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Weekly News

The 18th y. Z. Hsu scientific award ceremony praises Taiwan's scientific elites

  On the afternoon of August 24, the awarding ceremony of the 18th Xiangxiang science and technology award was held in the Far East banquet hall, 3 / F, Taipei Far East Hotel. It included former Vice President Chen Jianren, Minister Chen Shizhong of the Ministry of health and welfare, Vice Minister Zou Youhan of the Ministry of Science and technology, representatives of heads of various academic institutions, as well as relatives and friends of the winners. The award ceremony was full of emotion and joy. The foundation also specially invited Chen Shizhong, Minister of Weifu department, to present the award presentation ceremony with the following words "Prevention of epidemic by science and technology".

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Far Eastern International Bank awarded "best green financing case"

  On August 20, the Far East Commercial Bank won the award of "green deal of the year & ndash; TW" by the international financial magazine "Asian finance and finance" with the "cross border joint loan case of full stability biotechnology and agricultural technology companies". It was also the recognition of winning the international professional Award again after winning the "Taiwan Best co lending host bank Award" last year.

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Weekly Event

The Far Eastern Department Store is very kind to respond to the month of respecting the army and loving the division in New Taipei

  Far east department store adheres to the spirit of respecting the army, police and teachers and responding to the New Taipei municipal government's "respect the army and love the division month". From September 1 to September 28, all soldiers, teachers or staff of New Taipei municipal government who come to far east department store with relevant certificates can get preferential treatment for catering and shopping.

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Mid Autumn Festival tribute to Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei Far Eastern Group

  Shangri la Taipei Far East International Hotel creates a series of mid autumn festival gifts for you, including six gift boxes and three autumn festival gift baskets to convey the reunion of Shangri La! This year, there will be a public welfare gift basket for the Mid Autumn Festival. Each group of gift baskets will be allocated 200 yuan to the Taiwan black bear Conservation Association to contribute to Taiwan's ecological conservation. Orders will be open from now on. For more details, please contact (02) 2376-3278.

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Editor's pick

Office Talk:Analysis of sharing locomotive using behavior

   The popularity of online communities and mobile devices has contributed to the rapid rise of the sharing economy. Among them, the discussion on sharing locomotives, which has been developing for more than three years, is the most heated. Different platforms for sharing locomotives have their own supporters, forming a situation in which the three powers stand. This article will expose the riding motivation, impression and preference of different brands of sharing locomotive users, so that go survey can take you to grasp the new trend in the sharing era.

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「Finance Column」:Passive income starts with active investment
「Legal Column-TW」:Work hard! Six major youth employment subsidies have been launched
Editor's Words

"Far Eastern talk" Soliciting contribution of Oct topic: Are You a Fans? 

  In the era of digital convergence, we believe that we have been used to looking for information through various community platforms. When we meet interested objects or communities, we will also "pay attention" or "join fans" to facilitate tracking in the future. Welcome to write to share what fans you have participated in and why you are attracted. Within 300 words, far eastern magazine will offer you a "love to share" bonus! (deadline: before Sep 15)


Winners List of No.360 Edition

Congratulations to the following winners who received Far Eastern Group 4 in 1 gift certificate for 300 yuan each!

裕民航運 鄭○羽/鼎鼎聯合行銷  黃○琳/元智大學  李○瑄/亞東醫院  吳○娉/遠東資源開發  周○瑄/江西亞東水泥  曹○/亞東醫院  黃○瑜/遠東新世紀  周○伶/亞東技術學院  張○珍/遠傳電信  楊○晴/遠東新世紀  周○鈞/遠鑫電子票證  陳○蘋/遠傳電信  許○豪/遠東新研發中心  鄭○卉/亞證台中公司  江○慧。

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