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10.2020 Honor

Far Eastern International Bank was awarded "Best Green Financing Case"

Far Eastern International Bank / Xiao Peiyi

        On August 20, Far Eastern International Bank won the award of "green deal of the year – TW" from financeasia with the case of "cross border syndicated loan of full stability biotechnology agricultural technology company". It also won the award of "Taiwan's best syndicated loan of the year" last year After the "host bank Award", it won the international professional award again.

        Headquartered in Singapore, financeasia media group is committed to identifying financial institutions that have successfully broken through market challenges and set up professional awards to encourage the best performing banks in various fields of financial services. This year, because novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation, Taiwan and new two places are not easy to contact, the award ceremony was changed to video. Far Eastern International Bank was awarded by the deputy finance representative of the legal financial group group. The award of "best green financing case" mainly examines whether financial institutions support customers with ESG (environmental, social and Governance) characteristics when handling customer financing and structure. With COFCO corporation group of China, full stable biotechnology introduced intelligent farm management platform system, combined with biotechnology to operate green pig farm. Due to its low-carbon and green energy characteristics, it has achieved high scores in various indicators of green financing awards, which is a benchmark case for the financial industry to handle green credit.

        Far Eastern International Bank's cross-border syndicated loan business has won awards for two consecutive years, which shows that it has not only won recognition for its ability to organize international syndicated loan, but also has taken into account corporate social responsibility. It has cooperated with the financial profession in the development of environmental protection and green industry, and contributed to the global environmental protection. Far Eastern International Bank's credit to solar energy, waste water and other green energy and environmental pollution control industries has grown year by year, with 228 enterprises at the end of last year, with a balance of NT $20.8 billion.

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