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遠東集團     The Latest Issue:2020-9-7

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The Date of The First Issue :2001-06-01

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Technological Innovation Global Exposure from Taiwan

   Far Eastern Group has operation for decades in Taiwan. Starting from the daily essential necessity industry in textile, gradually expanding into diversified businesses and be the industry leaders in these sectors that consist of food, clothing, residence, transportation, education, and recreation. The Group has also been dedicating to corporate social responsibilities and promoting various non-profit events, among which “Y. Z. Hsu Science Award” sponsored by the Far Eastern Y. Z. Hsu Science & Technology Memorial Foundation has already become the highest honor to recognize Taiwan’s scientific research talents.

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Weekly News

U-Ming marine transport held the naming ceremony of "Yu Yuan"

  On August 28, U-Ming marine transport, a subsidiary of Far East Group, made the first "cloud pick-up" between Taipei and Singapore via video cloud, holding a naming ceremony for the 325000 DWT VLOC bulk carrier "Yu Yuan" at Qingdao Beihai shipyard. The ceremony was personally presided over by Chairman Xu Xudong of Far East Group, and Ms. Xu Meilan, wife of Mr. Zhu Shaohua, the independent director of U-Ming marine transport, was invited to name "Yu Yuan". The ceremony was successfully completed and the ship was scheduled to be delivered for operation in mid September.

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Far Eastern International Bank wins the fortune management best digital experience Award

  The results of the 2020 wealth management and securities evaluation held by today's weekly were announced on August 26. The organizer invited Mr. Huang Tianmu, chairman of the HKMA, to present the awards. The Far East Commercial Bank was awarded the "best digital experience Award of wealth management", which was received by the executive deputy general manager Lin Jianzhong.

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Hubei Yadong cement won the "enterprise award support fund" of Hubei Provincial Government

  In order to support the agglomeration and development of Taiwan funded enterprises in Hubei Province, the people's Government of Hubei province implements the selection policy of "enterprise reward and support fund" for Taiwan funded enterprises. Hubei Yadong cement, as the leading enterprise in Xinzhou District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, actively builds green cement green factory, realizes energy conservation and emission reduction, develops circular economy and comprehensive utilization of resources. On August 25, Hubei provincial government approved and issued a reward support fund of 500000 yuan.

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Weekly Event

PChome jointly promote mobile phone insurance

  Optimistic about the housing economic effect and the upcoming 5g replacement wave, teletronics announced on August 13 that it would join hands with local e-commerce leader PChome, and consumers only need to stay in PChome When purchasing mobile phone or tablet products through 24-hour shopping website, and completing the insurance network insurance of Anda products mobile devices at the designated exclusive link, you can enjoy the full range of protection for accidental damage, theft, snatching and illegal beating of mobile phones. From now on to the end of September, the top 300 consumers who have purchased and completed mobile phone insurance will receive the Norton antivirus software with a market price of 390 yuan, and can also participate in the Nintendo switch blue and red host lottery.

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Mid autumn festival gifts in far Eastern Department Store

  The moon is round and the heart is sweet, and it is the Mid Autumn Festival when people are reunited and have a good harvest. Far east department store was selected by Nancy Hsu, the general manager of Far East department store, and launched the Mid Autumn Festival gift album. Four moon cakes featured fruit fragrance, the most powerful mix and match, the healthy and the classic invincible. Relatives and friends enjoy the time of full moon reunion, and the taste buds fully feel the joy brought by delicious food.

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Editor's pick

Office Talk:Five questions and answers to understand the new policy of monthly payment of pension implemented in July

     The new system has officially expired for 15 years since it was launched on July 1, 2005. At present, 11.8 million workers have joined the new system. It is estimated that 67000 workers with the new system will be eligible for "monthly retirement" or "one-time payment". In this issue, we will take you to review the relevant provisions and rights and interests of the new system.

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「Gourmet Column」:Have fun in picnic! Colorful sushi DIY.
「Hot Topic 」:Far Easterners Topic:I am a fan!
Editor's Words

"Far Eastern talk" Soliciting contribution of Oct topic: Are You a Fans? 

  In the era of digital convergence, we believe that we have been used to looking for information through various community platforms. When we meet interested objects or communities, we will also "pay attention" or "join fans" to facilitate tracking in the future. Welcome to write to share what fans you have participated in and why you are attracted. Within 300 words, far eastern magazine will offer you a "love to share" bonus! (deadline: before Sep 15)


Winners List of No.360 Edition

Congratulations to the following winners who received Far Eastern Group 4 in 1 gift certificate for 300 yuan each!

裕民航運 鄭○羽/鼎鼎聯合行銷  黃○琳/元智大學  李○瑄/亞東醫院  吳○娉/遠東資源開發  周○瑄/江西亞東水泥  曹○/亞東醫院  黃○瑜/遠東新世紀  周○伶/亞東技術學院  張○珍/遠傳電信  楊○晴/遠東新世紀  周○鈞/遠鑫電子票證  陳○蘋/遠傳電信  許○豪/遠東新研發中心  鄭○卉/亞證台中公司  江○慧。

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