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09.2020 Welfare

FET and PChome jointly promote mobile phone insurance

Far EasTone telecommunication / Chen Xinsheng
        Optimistic about the stay at home economy effect and the upcoming 5g replacement wave, far EasTone telecommunication announced on August 13 that it would cooperate with PChome, a leading local e-commerce company, so that consumers could only stay in PChome When purchasing mobile phone or tablet products through 24-hour shopping website and completing the insurance network insurance of Anda products mobile devices at the designated exclusive link, you can enjoy all-round protection of accidental damage, theft, snatching and illegal beating of mobile phones from the monthly payment of 99 yuan. This service is not limited to far EasTone telecommunication users. It covers iPhone and Android models, and is insured for the whole machine. In case of accidental damage, the whole machine can be repaired.

        Mobile phone replacement cycle lengthens and mobile insurance grows rapidly

        Smart phones and tablets have become essential tools for modern people. When accidents happen, high maintenance costs are always heartbreaking. In Japan, where mobile phone insurance is relatively mature, more than 80% of the mobile phone insurance coverage rate has been reached, and the demand for mobile phone insurance is also increasing year by year. According to the insurance bureau, the number of applications for mobile phone insurance in the first quarter of this year increased by 52% compared with that of last year, indicating that mobile phone insurance has gradually been paid attention to. According to the survey report of strategy analytics, a market research organization, the average replacement cycle of smart phones has been extended to 33 months (about 2 years and 9 months), so it is more important to protect mobile phone insurance for 36 months. The most common accidental risks of mobile phones, including broken screens, accidental falls, accidental flooding, and accidental rolling, are all covered by the insurance of Anda products mobile devices, which greatly reduces the risks of users' mobile phones and tablets.

        Far EasTone telecommunication stores in the whole province accept claims settlement and repair operations, which are time-saving and convenient

        The mobile phone insurance launched by this cooperation has three claims settlement times a year. After the purchase of the new machine, the insurance contract can last up to three years, which makes consumers feel more comfortable and flexible when using mobile devices. If you need to use the claim repair service, users can go to the designated repairer's all station far EasTone telecommunication more than 800 outlets for repair, and complete the insurance claim application at the same time. There is no need to separate the mobile phone repair and application for insurance claim, which is time-saving and convenient!

        From now on to the end of September, the top 300 consumers who have purchased and completed mobile phone insurance will receive the Norton antivirus software with a market price of 390 yuan, and can also participate in the Nintendo switch blue and red host lottery.

        Please refer to the far EasTone telecommunication website for details.

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