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2022.06 第382期
In this Issue2022.06 第382期

In the world of rapid development of Internet and mobile devices, consumers are happy regardless of food, clothing, housing and transportation & hellip; All kinds of requirements can be solved in one "finger", which is a strict test of the speed of digitization for enterprises.

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Leader's RemarksChairman’s Remarks to Graduates of Yuan Ze University

Opportunities never come a second time, nor do they wait for our leisure.

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Cover StoryCreate, share and make a good use of the digital strategy of Far Eastern International Bank

With the official opening of pure online banks such as Lotte bank, line bank and future bank, the "digital war" in Taiwan's financial industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Through Bankee social bank, Far Eastern International Bank has laid a niche in the field of digital finance. In the future, it will continue to take a different path with its unique advantages!

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Cover StoryOriental Securities Corporation digital leap Pratt Whitney investment Xiaobai

Oriental Securities Corporation takes customer experience as its main axis. From opening an account to placing an order, it can be done with only one mobile phone, supplemented by diversified commodity types and high standards of asset security protection, to meet the needs of various investors and create a new generation of investment ecosystem.

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Sincerity, Diligence, Thrift, Prudence, InnovationAlways taken trustworthiness as the guiding principle of his business management. Beyond the groupfounder's commitment to constancy, honesty, and openness, he has enshrined Sincerity, Diligence, Thrift, Prudence, and Innovation as Far Eastern's founding philosophy.

To stand still in the torrent of knowledge economy, we must pay attention to the acquisition, accumulation and application of knowledge, and catch the train of information technology. "Far East Magazine" has a new look.