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05.2020 Group Briefing

YZU produces a new YZU-ECE Remote Monitor of temperature

Yuan Ze University / Emily Rao
Amid the corona virus outbreak, the demand for disinfectant has exceeded supply. For epidemic prevention, the faculty of Yuan Ze University is scheduled to take student’s temperature to ensure their health. The Professors from College of Electrical and Communication Engineering also join and set up a temperature- monitoring installment to assist in measuring temperature.

Dean Yaw-Geng Chau said when students flocking back school, it’s easily to cause loopholes in disease prevention. The professors and students in College of Electrical and Communication developed the "YZU-ECE Remote Monitor of temperature “ in a short time. They set the alarm of temperature threshold on the monitor by computer program and then calibrated the distance. At a certain distance, if the monitor senses people within crowd, whose temperature exceeds a preset temperature value (such as 37 degrees), the alarm sounds immediately.#
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