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09.2020 Group Briefing

Taitung county magistrate visited FET, demonstrating his determination to promote smart city

Far EasTone telecommunication / Zhang Weijun

        Rao Qingling, head of Taitung County, visited FET on Monday. The two sides exchanged views on the promotion of smart city. The visit was personally received by FET President Chee Ching. At the meeting, FET management team and county government team shared the experience of 5G "big data + AI + IOT" applied in smart city. Headman of Taitung County also exchanged with FET the obstacles they encountered in promoting smart city with Taitung characteristics. Both sides have shown their determination to improve the convenience of people's lives in Taitung through science and technology.

        In recent years, Taitung county government has actively promoted smart city. FET and Taitung county government have achieved fruitful results in cooperation, including the remote diagnosis of 11 health centers in Green Island and Lanyu. President Chee Ching said that remote diagnosis and treatment is a model of 5G's contribution to the society. It replaces the road with the Internet to solve the problem of going back and forth to the hospitals. Rao Qingling, the county magistrate, said that in the future, the county government will expand the construction of smart city, hoping that through the expanded application of 5G, the quality of life in rural areas can be improved, the government's competitiveness will be enhanced, and a happier city will be built for the county people.


        For the application of 5G, FET proposes smart tourism combining with friDay Shopping, friDay VR and friDay video, so that it can provide shopping for customers, and it also improves their adhesion, and attracts consumers to visit Taitung. In addition, FET integrated the joint prevention mechanism of first aid between the emergency hospitals and medical centers through 5G, which shortens the time of emergency medical treatment.


        In the smart transport, FET uses big data + AI + IOT technology to propose solutions to illegal parking ban, interval speed measurement, lane change, stolen car identification, etc., and through big data analysis, it can predict traffic flow and pedestrian flow. At the county governance level, through UAV inspection, crop damage, slope movement can be analyzed, and smart city command room and other technological innovation applications can be set.

        FET is honored to communicate with Taitung county government this time. The substantial feedback given by the county government team will help it to accurately plan relevant solutions to different 5G "big data + AI + IOT" application fields. We look forward to deepening cooperation with Taitung county government in the future to solve the problem of uneven distribution of resources in rural areas through science and technology, and jointly improve the quality of life of the people.


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