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10.2020 Cover Story

Celebration of the 71st anniversary of Far Eastern Group - chronology of FEG

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        October 20 is the 71st anniversary of the Far Eastern Group's founding in Taiwan. Over the years, with the spirit of being based in Taiwan and looking at the world, the group has extended its tentacles to Asia, America and Africa, and its business map extends across ten major industries. On this important day, let's look back on the past year (September 2019 to August 2020), which new forces have joined, important milestones, touching public good deeds, and the glorious deeds of far Easterner.

        362B08        September 2019

        Far Eastern Memorial Hospital held its 38th anniversary celebration and announced that it would cooperate with quanta computer incorporated to promote AI medical system. (Fig. 1)

        Five companies under the Far Eastern Group have all entered the top 50 of the "large enterprise group" after the announcement of the "2019 CSR Corporate Citizenship Award", including far EasTone Telecommunications (9th), far eastern New Century Corporation (22nd), Pacific SOGO Department Store (37th), Far Eastern Department Store (44th), and far eastern big city Shopping malls won the "Little Giant Award" (8th place), and CSR achievements were highly recognized.

        Far eastern big city shopping malls was awarded the "fapra country award model retail enterprise award" by the Retailers Association of Chinese Taipei in 2019, and became the representative of the "best retail innovation concept award" of aprce.

        In recent years, the "army of honor" was issued by the "army of love" in "Army Department East store" in recent years.

        Far Eastern Department store was awarded the "best corporate social responsibility" award at the 19th aprce Asia Pacific retail conference, becoming the first Taiwan department store to receive this award in nearly 40 years. (Fig. 2)

        The customer service department of Far Eastern International Bank was awarded the "excellent customer service award - the best service innovation enterprise" by the Greater China Customer Center Alliance (GCCA) in 2019.

        Far Eastern Group's new garment (Vietnam) Beitong Fuer printing plant started.

        Far eastern dying & finishing (Suzhou) (Suzhou) won the certificate of Suzhou credit management demonstration enterprise.

        As an important achievement of Taiwan's smart transportation, Far Eastern Electronic Toll collection was selected as "Taiwan smart transportation construction stamp" by China Post.

        Far EasTone telecommunications was selected for the first time in "the Dow Jones Sustainability indices, DJSI emerging markets" constant stock for the fourth consecutive year.

        Far EasTone telecommunications won the "Taiwan's most outstanding company award - telecom service industry" award in Asia money's 2019 Asian outstanding companies vote. It is the only Telecom Company in Taiwan to win the award.

        Far EasTone telecommunications won the red hat APAC innovation awards in 2019, becoming the only enterprise in Taiwan to win this award this year.

        October 2019

        Far Eastern International Bank, far eastern New Century Corporation and arcoa communication were respectively awarded gold, silver and bronze medals in "talent development quality management system (TTQS) - enterprise version" issued by the Ministry of labor development, executive yuan.

        Douglas Hsu was awarded the "special achievement award" with the highest honor in the 13th Asia Pacific entrepreneurship Award (apea). (Fig. 3)

        The 11th Classic Marathon of Far Eastern New Century Corporation was held in Xinpu chemical fiber General Factory of Far Eastern New Century Corporation.

        Nanjing Chengzhi ethylene pipeline of Far Eastern Union Chemical Corporation (Yangzhou) was officially put into operation.

        Far EasTone telecommunications, with big data + AI + IOT technology, has been awarded a prize by the Criminal Police Bureau of the police department.

        Far Eastern International Bank was awarded the smartu smart financial innovation award of the asset asset asset, and the only bank in Taiwan to be honored.

        Far Eastern International Bank Taipei Fuxing branch and Taipei Chengzhong Branch officially opened.

        Yuan Ze University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center opened, and signed a letter of intent with the Youth Bureau of Taoyuan municipal government to promote the urban and rural characteristic industrial park -- AI Artificial Intelligence and intelligent robot Youth Innovation Base Plan in 107 years. (Fig. 4)

                November 2019

        Far eastern New Century Corporation has been awarded the "science and Technology Management Award" at the "2019 Chinese Society for management of Science Annual Conference and paper seminar".

        Nine affiliated enterprises, including far eastern New Century Corporation, far EasTone telecommunication, Asia Cement Corporation, Far Eastern Department store, Pacific SOGO Department store, Oriental Union Chemical Corporation, Yu civil aviation, Far Eastern International Bank, far eastern big city shopping malls, etc., all of which include "the first affiliated enterprise" and "far eastern big city shopping malls" Global corporate sustainability Awards (gcsa) and Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) "have won 36 awards, and Douglas Hsu won the highest award of" global corporate sustainability Awards (gcsa) - professional world class ". (Fig. 5)

        Construction of DTY plant and 60 hectare east gate of Far Eastern Polytex (Vietnam) (Vietnam) started.

        Oriental Petrochemical (Shanghai) Corporation was awarded the "green factory" medal in the China Petrochemical Federation.

        Far Eastern Department store, far EasTone telecommunications and Pacific SOGO Department Store were awarded SGS first CSR "sustainable Elite Award of the year". Far Eastern New Century Corporation also won the CSR Organizational Governance Excellence Award with higher difficulty.

        Far EasTone telecommunications, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, and Hualien Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical University Affiliated Hospital jointly launched the first 5g remote diagnosis and treatment prospective plan in China to improve rural care.

        Far EasTone telecommunication and Pacific SOGO Department Store won the first National Enterprise Environmental Protection Award. (Fig. 6)

        December 2019

        Yuan textile industry (Shanghai) won the award of "excellent Taiwan funded enterprise in Fengxian District in 2019" by Fengxian District Taiwan Affairs Office.

        Far eastern apparel (Suzhou) (Suzhou) has become the first supplier in North Asia to meet the production lean maturity level (LMA) assessment level 3.

        The civil works of Far Eastern Polytex (Vietnam) (Vietnam) POY plant started.

        Everest textile participated in the 48th architectural festival celebration and the 16th Taiwan Architecture Forum, and won the "green building corporate social responsibility model award" and "low carbon building Contribution Award".

        Oriental Union Chemical Corporation and Asia Cement Corporation were listed in the FTSE4Good tip Taiwan ESG index constant stock.

        Pacific SOGO Department Store won the "energy saving benchmarking Award" of the Ministry of economic affairs. It is the only department store to be listed this year, and the first department store to win the award in ten years.

        The Shanghai office building of Far Eastern Group has obtained three-star green building design identification certificate. (Fig. 7)

        Far Eastern Memorial Hospital won 1 gold, 1 bronze, 1 masterpiece, 2 seals, 1 Creative Award, 1 Special Award (including theme category and smart medical category), and "medical benchmarking Award". (Fig. 8)

                January 2020

        Four mines under the control of Asia Cement Corporation (China), including Jiangxi Yadong cement wharf limestone mine, Huanggang Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) fengjishan limestone mine, yuanyishan xuejiachong limestone mine and zhongjianwan Shaye mine, were successfully selected as "green mines of 2019" by the Ministry of natural resources.

        The Far Eastern Memorial Foundation held the "Far Eastern Group architectural lecture and old house renovation special award ceremony". The first prize was won by section chief of Art Design Department of Yuan Ze University and Professor Chen Guanhua of Dazhi design team. (Fig. 9)

        The new Xinyi A13 store of Far Eastern Department Store officially opened. (Figure 10)

        Far Eastern Group celebrates its 70th anniversary by launching the "70 love far eastern group happy go" public health walking activity, which raises 6.5 billion steps from the public. In addition to exchanging happy go points, it also donates 300 offset computers and system upgrading funds to the Junyi academy to support teacher training.

                February March 2020

        Far Eastern Group novel coronavirus pneumonia, the company's general mobilization: Far Eastern New Century Corporation during the epidemic, the supply of large amounts of medical grade fiber, and actively develop new ultra-fine fibers, improve the mask frequency and bacterial filtration effect. Everest textile is also developing protective clothing for medical use. Far EasTone telecommunication provides cloud services, network architecture and other technologies to help the government's emask mask pre purchase system go online successfully. Far Eastern Memorial Hospital was invited by Nicaraguan to share its experience in epidemic prevention through video conference. Thanks to the front-line medical staff, 11 stores in Taiwan have sent 10000 love bentos to hospitals all over the country. (Figure 11)

        Oriental Securities Corporation won the second place in the "weight growth Award" of the "108 annual warrant issuer and securities broker trading Award" activity of the stock exchange.

        Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan won the silver medal in the final of the World Chocolate competition 2019, and was awarded "Tainan light" by Mayor Huang weizhe. (Figure 12)

        Far EasTone telecommunications won the first prize of outstanding enterprises in the 16th National brand E.Sun bank award and was personally interviewed by President Tsai ing Wen.

        Far EasTone telecommunications has cooperated with the Affiliated Hospital of Kaohsiung Medical University in remote diagnosis and treatment, and has launched online diagnosis and treatment service in Taidong Dawu township health center.

        Far Eastern International Bank won the "2020 Wealth Management Award - the best wealth appreciation, the best science and technology team, and the best public welfare promotion" by Caixun magazine.

        The Oriental Institute of Technology participated in the Ministry of education's "achievement competition and observation activity of the student union of colleges and universities in 109", which included the "University of science and Technology Group - Excellent Award and outstanding financial award".

        The launching ceremony of the new shopping center project of Far Eastern Department Store in Zhubei was held. (FIG. 13)

                April 2020

        Far EasTone telecommunications and far eastern New Century Corporation were once again listed in the top 5% of Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation's "sixth corporate governance review", namely, Oriental Union Chemical Corporation, Far Eastern International Bank, Far Eastern Department store, Asia Cement Corporation and U-Ming marine transport They are also listed in the top 20% of enterprises, and their governance performance is highly recognized.

        Far Eastern Union Chemical Corporation (Yangzhou) won the title of "advanced unit of safety production" and "advanced unit of environmental protection" in Yangzhou Chemical Park in 2019.

        The national utility model patent for unloading "loading hopper" at wharf2 of Huanggang Yadong cement was approved.

        Ding & Ding Management Consultants Co marketing Happygo, together with far EasTone telecommunication Friday, and world vision, launched the "you see the film, I donate" program for poor children.

        Tpkc far EasTone telecommunication cloud computing center and tpkd R & D office building have won the "diamond grade" mark of Taiwan's green building.

        Hubei Yadong cement won the honorary title of "advanced unit of safety production". (FIG. 14)

        Far eastern New Century Corporation, Pacific SOGO Department store and far EasTone telecommunications won the 16th global views CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Award. (FIG. 15)

        May 2020

        Far eastern dying & finishing (Suzhou) (Suzhou) was awarded the title of "excellent foreign trade enterprise", "advanced enterprise of energy conservation and emission reduction" and "credit management demonstration enterprise".

        The Portland cement produced by Hualien plant of Asia Cement Corporation has passed SGS verification, and has obtained iso14067:2018 product carbon footprint standard, iso14046:2014 product water footprint standard, and bs8001:2017 recycled economy business model maturity optimization level, becoming the first cement company in the global cement industry to obtain three certifications at the same time. (Figure 16)

        Ya Tung ready mixed concrete corporation set up a new housing factory and a new base.

        Nextlink technology cooperated with Alibaba and was selected as the "solution partner of the year security" of Alibaba cloud in 2020.

                June 2020

        Far eastern Polytex (Vietnam) (Vietnam) opened a new ethylene glycol chemical terminal in Vietnam.

        The trademark of APG Polytech, LLC is completely changed to "eastontm" trademark owned by far eastern group.

        Asia Cement Corporation was listed in the Taiwan high salary 100 index.

        Far EasTone telecommunications won the "gold medal award for service industry" of commercial times. It is the only enterprise in Taiwan that has won 9 lianba awards. City 'super also won the "gold medal of chain supermarket" for the sixth time. (Figure 17)

        Far EasTone telecommunications has joined hands with delta power and Microsoft to build the first 5g smart factory in Taiwan. (Fig. 18)

        Nextlink technology is certified by the AWS migration competency program.

        Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan has been awarded "peace of mind Hotel" and "peace of mind restaurant" by Tainan Municipal government.

        Nextlink technology was named "top 10 cloud service providers in Asia Pacific region" by CIO magazine.

        Nine patents of Jiangxi Yadong cement are authorized by China national intellectual property administration, PRC.

        July 2020

        Far eastern New Century Corporation released the latest polyester chemical recycling technology and launched a joint project with Coca Cola bottling company of Japan.

        Far EasTone telecommunications, together with the family support foundation, organized the activity of "caring for the public welfare and making love for far EasTone telecommunication".

        Far Eastern International Bank Bankee won the "2020 innovative business award - business model innovation, technology innovation" double awards of Digital Times magazine. (Figure 19)

        Far EasTone telecommunications won the clean energy ministerial, CEM "energy management insight Award", becoming the second largest telecom operator in the world and the first telecom operator in Taiwan to receive this award.

        Far EasTone telecommunication, which has the top spectrum of fish maw, announced the official business transformation of "far EasTone telecommunication heart 5g". (FIG. 20)

                August 2020

        Yuan Ze University, Far Eastern Memorial Foundation and Keelung municipal government jointly organized "2020 Keelung Taiping community local creation action mountain and sea work camp V5.0", and invited the group's Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, far EasTone telecommunications and Pacific SOGO Department store to participate in the grand event.

        Pacific SOGO Department Store won the "energy saving Leadership Award - Special Award for industrial and commercial industry group B" in Taipei City, and was the only department store winner.

        The collaboration between industry and School of freshwater campus of Oriental Institute of technology and the new project of Youth Innovation Center started. (fig.21)

        Far Eastern International Bank won the double awards of "excellent bank evaluation 2020 - best brand image, best professional team" by excellence magazine. (picture 22)

        U-Ming marine transport held the naming ceremony of the new ship "Yu Yuan".

        The 18th y. Z. Hsu Science & Technology Memorial Foundation held the 18th y. Z. Hsu scientific award ceremony. This year, a new "Youxiang science and technology contribution award" was added to honor Chen Shizhong, Minister of the Ministry of health and welfare, who led the central epidemic command center and achieved great success in fighting the epidemic.

        A. The opening of the mart Taichung City water store is the "third generation of mass merchandiser type" combining shopping center and supermarket.

        Far Eastern International Bank won the "wealth management and securities review 2020 - wealth management best digital experience Award" by today's weekly.

        Far Eastern International Bank won the "green deal of the year – TW" by financeasia, an international financial magazine.

        Air liquid Far Eastern started the new project of nitrogen plant in Nanzi processing area.

        Far Eastern Union Chemical Corporation (Yangzhou) won the 42nd honor of "Yangzhou top 100 industrial enterprises" in 2019.

        Far eastern big city shopping malls won the "Asia's best employer award 2020" by HR Asia magazine, and was the only winner of department store retail in Taiwan.


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