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10.2020 Cover Story

Rise against the wind and show the brilliance again - A.Mart starts the mass merchandise 3.0

A. Mart / Chen Linghua

        With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for consumption is also upgrading and evolving. This "cover story" will introduce how A. Mart that has been established for 30 years practices the concept of sustainability and innovation in the new retail era and the transformation of economic structure under the post epidemic situation to start mass merchandising 3.0 and create hyper mall in the new era.

        In recent years, the rise of the Internet has led to the vigorous development of stay at home economy and online shopping. In addition, supermarkets and convenient stores are eager to capture the market share. Although the performance of the mass merchandising industry has been growing continuously for nearly 14 years, under the impact of supermarkets and convenient stores, growth trend has obviously slowed down. With the continuous rise of consumption consciousness which attaches importance to the quality of life and high consumption ability, the demand of consumers has transferred from the simple purchase of goods in the past to the supremacy of "consumption experience". The focus of consumption is whether to show personal value and rich experience. Shopping itself is expected to become a kind of leisure and entertainment activity, rather than a standard activity due to lack of goods. According to Deloitte survey, compared with traditional goods, consumers are willing to spend 20% more on customized goods. The retail industry can increase the net profit of revenue by 12.7% by providing differentiated products and services. It is expected that the differentiation of service and experience will become a new marketing point in the future.


        Facing the severe challenge of the environment and the "new retail era" in which consumers dominate the market, it is an urgent action for A. Mart to integrate the virtual and the reality, create customer experience differentiation, and then increase revenue and profit. Peter Drucker once said “The best way to predict the future is to create it”. In the face of the unpredictable future, A. Mart launches a new type of mass merchandiser and expands the new retail territory.


        Launch mass merchandising 3.0


        Hypermarket evolves into hyper mall

        The year 2020 is an important time for the transformation of the mass merchandising industry. From the first generation of traditional mass stores that only sold necessities 30 years ago to the second generation of mass stores with store streets and restaurants, A. mart's mass merchandising store has officially evolved from hypermarket to hyper mall in 2020. After two years, A. Mart has set up "the third generation of mass merchandiser type: mass merchandising 3.0" in the Taichung City ShuiHe economic and trade park. The store covers an area of 3000 square meters, with a total floor area of 12000 square meters and 400 parking spaces. It is the first green building retail store in Taiwan and also a family life multi-experience pavilion, providing a full range of family purchasing experience.


        Two highlights, three characteristics and seven innovations create a new purchasing experience


        In order to cater to the new retail model centered on consumer experience, Taichung City water store has launched two highlights, three features and seven innovations to provide the best service for consumers


        [two highlights]



        A new type of hypermall combining shopping center with supermarket.


        With "family" as the core, it provides a comprehensive shopping experience.




         [three characteristics]


        The corridor space is spacious: the shelf is reduced by 30%, and the height is pulled down to reduce the sense of oppression, making shopping more relaxed and comfortable.


        Wide range of parent-child facilities: as the children of Shuinan business district account for 30% of Taichung City area, shuinan store has set up parent-child reading area, game area, children's trolley, children's rickshaw, parent-child club and other intimate and warm services on each floor.


        Cook the fresh food for customers: all meat and aquatic products (except frozen products) can be cooked for customers, providing a one-stop service of buying, cooking and eating.

        Seven innovations


        The first green hyper mall adheres to energy conservation. It has been awarded the "green building badge" by Interior.


        The first environment-friendly demonstration hyper mall, the plastic packing bags are eliminated in the baking area completely, paper bags are provided to pack the bread, which effectively reduces the plastic consumption. In addition, reduce the printing volume of DM paper, encourage consumers to browse the official website or download the official app to read EDM.


        It is the first time to create a customized embroidery service in hyper mall. Consumers can have unique commodity as long as they buy the specified embroidery products in the store.


        The first low-temperature treatment room for aquatic products that adopts transparent compartment, and the cooking process is visible.


        It is the first time to create an open kitchen for cooked food to ensure the hygiene and safety of dining.


        The smart parking discount of the first hyper mall app is created. After shopping, consumers can quickly leave the parking lot by scanning the invoice and binding the license plate number on the app.


        A5 Japanese beef can be cooked in the store, top dishes, affordable charges, to serve the customers.


        In addition to actively introducing innovative and differentiated experiences, A. Mart also conducted a questionnaire survey on customers' purchase experience. The results showed that more than 85% of the customers were satisfied with the overall store, especially with "wide aisle, lower height of shelf", "clean and hygienic seating area" and "no sense of pressure". They also thought that Shuinan store "broke the traditional hyper and was more like a shopping center or premium supermarket". After a further study of the service items preferred by customers, it is found that "Valet cuisine" is most popular among customers, which shows that the new sales mode of "buy now, cook as you go, eat as you go" has been accepted by the majority of customers. A5 Japanese beef which is exclusive in the Shuinan store aims at the people who prefer eating out and develops the new concept of “hyper restaurant”.


        In response to the unique "parent-child positioning" of shuinan store, the newly launched membership related services of "parent-child club", such as "parent-child reading space", "parent-child dining" and "parent-child experience activities", also rank among the top in customer satisfaction, so that young customers in shopping malls can enjoy a more comfortable and relaxed parent-child interaction experience.


        In addition, in recent years, the "maker" custom-made fashion has become popular. A. Mart hyper mall also innovated customized "embroidery workshop". It can not only make personalized embroidery, but also leave interesting and meaningful special marks on hats, bedding, etc., which has won the favor of customers.


        A. Mart Taichung Shuinan store was opened as a brand-new type of hyper mall. On the first day of trial sale on August 18, 15000 people were attracted to the store, and the daily turnover reached nearly 8 million yuan. The opening of Taichung Shuinan store 3.0 will let you see the persistence and intention of A. Mart in the past 30 years.


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